david livian 1I sit here writing my final Presidents report and reflect on 28 years of being on the MOCA NSW committee, many of them in the “top job”.

It has certainly had an impact on my life, largely in a positive way. That includes all the friends I have in the club and the experiences made available only to members, and seeing the enjoyment had by members at an event I was involved in organising.

The negatives was missing out at many shows just walking around with my family looking at cars, as I was usually involved in some capacity, and I never entered my cars in any shows that I was involved in, which was most of them.

I sense a changing of the guard and this was evident when Rod Kilvington passed away earlier this year and only 2 of the committee had the pleasure of working with him, and his bubbly wife, Lorraine over the 30 plus years they were actively involved in the MOCA and MOCA SA.

Of course a major turning point was the passing of David Francis last year. David and I worked very closely at the pointy end of the committee and had similar thoughts in how the club should be run and how to achieve this. I still greatly miss his friendship and support.

david livian 2As in life, we have had the highs of the Mustang reveal and 50th Anniversary celebrations and lows of members passing and attempted disruption to our club by disgruntled entities but we got through it.

It has been a pleasure working with the past and current committee. I have often called for members to get involved in the committee and over the past couple of years have had a new influx doing so.

With them comes new ideas and as long the best interests of the club are considered we will continue to move forward.

I feel we are entering a new phase of the Mustang Owners Club and this will be reinforced shortly with the arrival of the first FACTORY right hand drive Mustang, and with it a new breed of owner and hopefully more support and interest from Ford themselves.

Only time will tell.

Don’t get excited thinking I’m disappearing from the club as I will still attend whatever I can considering Luke’s burgeoning baseball career, Heather and I coaching 2 different baseball teams (at one stage playing against each other so THAT will be interesting!) and my motorsport commitments.

I will still organise the All American Day and Pony Round-Up at Vineyard, and look forward to sitting down at an event and having a chat with you, or wandering through a Mustang show holding Heather’s hand and admiring your beautiful Mustangs.

See you at a run or show in the future and until then, enjoy your Mustang.

David Livian

david livian 3