Hello All,

alan vella2Firstly, I would like to notify you all that we have a new Events Co-ordinator. His Name is Hakan Veli. He is a new member, who literally fell in our lap by accident at the recent All Ford Day.

Hakan is a very family orientated gentleman, and has come on board to lend a hand with the much needed support from his wife Sandra, and daughter Cheryl. Hakan’s vehicle collection consists of a very nice 1971 Mach 1 Sportsroof, a 2016 Falcon Sprint. Hakan has a few ideas for some events, and hopefully our membership will give him a huge welcome, and much needed support and understanding whilst he settles in to the role. Welcome aboard Hakan, and we’re sure you will do a splendid job in your new role!

I must say, it was an extremely difficult decision to have to make postponing the 2016 Merrylands Muster. With it having rained at home in Blacktown since the wee hours of Sunday Morning, then the drive to Merrylands consisting of wet and slippery roads, and upon arrival at Holroyd Park to find the grass extremely slippery and too wet for the judges to carry out their assigned judging task, plus cars sliding everywhere and damaging the grass, the decision was made to postpone the event to a later date.

My phone started ringing non-stop from around 5am, with members wanting to know if the show was going to go ahead. I realise that the Events Hotline hadn’t been updated at that stage of the morning, but once I and another Committee member had arrived, by 7.25am the decision was made to postpone the event, and the Hotline was updated. We know that this decision would have disappointed many, especially when they were coming from afar and had already set out on their journey, but we cannot predict the weather. Sorry, but we are just not that good!

As I sit here at 12.15pm and write my President’s report in my office for this month after making the decision to postpone the show earlier in the morning, guess what? It’s raining, and it looks like we made the right decision after all! The questions we ask in situations like this are, how is the caterer going to cook in the rain, where is everyone going to eat out of the rain, and where and how are the Concours judges going work? It’s a big decision to make, but believe me, we had the best interest of everyone concerned at heart. So, we will have hold a combined Muster and Christmas Party at Merrylands again this year, please see the flyer and information in this issue.

I’d like to say a few quick words on the last Big Al’s Mystery Breakfast Run. We ended up at Avon Dam just south of the Picton turn off. My partner Maree, John (Showbags) and Anne Ciappara, Maureen and Mal Lines, Ken and Norma White, and last but not least, James Araiza, all turned up early to lend a hand with the cooking and preparation. Maree, Maureen, and Christine Schinella all baked cakes and slices for the day too. Patrick Schinella led the group of around 40 cars down the Hume Hwy for the run, and by the time the group had arrived, all the food was cooked. The Dams that surround Sydney, have always provided a fantastic venue for BBQ’s. They provide us with instant hot water, free clean electric BBQ’s and lots of parking for the cars. And let’s not forget the views and wildlife. Thank you to the ladies who baked all the cakes, thanks to the people who arrived early to lend a hand, and thanks to all those who turned up. Until the next Big Al’s Mystery Run. If anyone has any ideas in regards to BBQ runs and would like to organise a day out, let us know so we can put something together. The Club trailer is loaded and ready to go, complete with hot water urns, BBQ, Shelters and all the others necessary for a great day out. Someone will just have to tow it!

Many of you may look at the Club’s financials, ie. Money in the Bank, and say WOW, the Club looks in pretty good shape financially. Yes, we do have a little in the bank, but some of that money is not ours, and may give a few members a false sense of security. We were sitting on 3 years of gate takings from All American Day up until a few months ago, when Petra from the Children’s’ Cancer Centre at Westmead came in and collected a healthy Cheque for $8500 at the April General Meeting, being the 2014 AAD takings. Which still leaves 2015 and 2016 years takings sitting in our bank accounts. David Livian was working with Petra from the Hospital, and by the time you read this, the 2015 All American Day amount of $9500 would have been handed over. Then we shall be handing over the 2016 amount at next year’s All American Day which should bring us back into line with how it used to be done annually at the event. We are also still sitting on $4350 from the February 2015 Canberra Mustang Show. The committee have decided to bump that amount up to $6000 to a new charity selected by Ian Jackson and his crew down in the ACT (who organise this show) named Bossom Buddies. Bosom Buddies is a local ACT registered charity. Bosom Buddies ACT Inc, is a non-profit organisation of volunteers who provide personal support to breast cancer patients and their families and supporters in the ACT and surrounding region. I feel this a worthy Charity, as I am sure that we have all had someone close to us who has had to deal with Breast Cancer. Last but not least, there is approximately $17,000 sitting in the accounts as payments for the dinners etc. for the 2017 Mustang Nationals. All this money totals an amount of approximately $42,000 which gives that inflated figure. Hopefully, after the Nationals next year, and the monies already allocated have left the bank accounts to their worthy recipients, we will be able to see a fair and true figure of where we stand. The Committee have also decided to make a donation of $500 to the Special Olympics Dream Ride.

Nationals Talk! Things are progressing well with the Nationals planning. Thursday 22ndSeptember was a day of meetings in Wollongong with the Council, the Reception Venue, and the Hotel, and even a visit to the company that is looking after the Shirts and some of the merchandise. What an impressive set up, and extremely professional. No “hillbilly” operations here folks! All are extremely happy with our progress, planning and bookings.

Isidora Trovato will be managing the 3 evening functions. Isidora has much experience in planning dinner functions, and we are sure that all who participate will be extremely happy with the arrangements. Something new for the event this year, is the hotel has dedicated a “Mustang” only zone within the Hotel, and we will have discounted drinks within this “Mustang Zone”. This is only for those who have registered for this event. We also need a name for this area. Something like “Bar Mustang”, or “Mustang Ranch” for a start! If anyone has an idea what we can name this dedicated area, please let me know, and if your idea gets the Nod, then you may get a little something special! Registration for this event entitles you to access the Discounted Hotel Accommodation (access to the Hotel Accommodation is only if you have booked for an evening function), Exclusive Mustang ONLY parking within the Hotel, Sunday Display Day entry for your Mustang, Evening Functions, High Tea, Concours Judging Entry, and other exclusive events. For those of you wanting to come down just for the day, and enter your car in only the Sunday Display Day Car Show, you are still required to complete a registration form. There is so much planned, so don’t leave it to the last minute to book. Remember, registrations close 31st December 2016.

For those of you who follow the Club on Facebook, the Committee have agreed that we only need One Facebook Page. Not the two that were previously running. The page MOCA NSW is NO longer, and does not represent this Club. Our page is Mustang Owners Club of Australia (NSW). So if you are active on Facebook, and spend a bit of your time on it, follow us! Like Us on Facebook-Mustang Owners Club of Australia (NSW).

Last but not least, Welcome to all the new members who have recently joined MOCA NSW within the last month. Welcome aboard! Also, “Welcome Back” to some previous members who have re-joined after a brief absence.

That’s it for me for this month folks, Drive safe and keep well!

‘Til next month my friends!