alan vellaHello Fellow members, well that’s it! The year is over as quickly as it started, 2017 is nearly here, and so are the Wollongong Nationals. Please remember that there are only a couple of rooms left at the Hotel, the Friday night meet and greet is all but sold out, and the Saturday, and Sunday evening functions have only around 30 seats each left. Registrations close 31st December.

On to something different. For those of you who do not have access to computers and email, we the committee have adopted a new style of database. The database is used for administering the Club, contacting the members via email blasts, and keeping tabs on your membership information. The database that our previous treasurer Phil Preston set up has been used for the past few years, and Phil did an excellent job of building, modifying, and administering the system. Phil’s efforts in administering this system, were extremely valuable and will never be forgotten, and Phil should be applauded for his efforts. He brought the Club’s administration process into the 21st Century with this system. At the November General Meeting, I informed the members that with Phil’s retirement from the committee in July at the AGM, that the committee have now adopted an even more advanced system. This system will now take us even further forward with ease of access, manageability, and communication.

Whilst we are on the Communication bandwagon, many of you with access to email, would have received an “Email Blast” from myself in regards to the CRS-H Historic Registration Scheme. This email stated that our Club Plate Registrar David Hogg has had to stand down from his position due to Personal Reasons. David has been under the “Pump” so to say, and the load with his work and other bits and pieces etc., and felt necessary that he stand down. David performed his duties with the highest regard for the Club’s Integrity at the forefront. He was extremely professional in his duties, and left no stone unturned. On behalf of all the members, and Committee, David I sincerely thank you for your commitment to your role. This leaves the Club in a bit of a bind. We are without a Club Plate registrar to process the renewals and new applications for the CRS-H Historic Registration Scheme. The Executive committee have decided that until a suitable replacement is found to fill the vacated position, NO new CRS-H applications will be processed. We will however process renewals for those of you who are already on the scheme. This renewal process may take up to 4 weeks, and quite possibly longer if you do not have the required paperwork ready upon application for renewal. DO NOT under any circumstances, leave your renewal to the last minute and expect it to be processed in a day or two, because it just won’t be able to happen! Please remember, that we the committee all work extremely demanding jobs that are a priority, and we will process the renewals in due course. Whilst we are handling this process, I would appreciate those of you with concerns in regards to this issue, PLEASE do not phone me during my work time about this. We the committee are working on a solution, and we ask for your understanding and patience until we find someone to fill the spot. We hope that you understand. If anyone is interested in taking on the role of Club Plate registrar, please contact me via email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to express your interest.

I did forget to mention in last’s months President’s Report that at the October National Delegates Meeting in Melbourne, that the elections were held for the Executive Committee. The results for the Exec. Committee remain unchanged. National President is Robert Bloxham from West. Australia, Eddie Hadley remains as National Vice President, and Martin Schmidt from Queensland, remains as National Secretary/ Treasurer. Also, Eddie Hadley was nominated and accepted as Head Judge of the 2017 Mustang Nationals in Wollongong.

On the weekend of Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th November was the Mustangs on the Murray meet up in Wodonga Victoria. Allan Spackman, and Tony Borg from Victoria organised a getaway for the 2 clubs to get together. 5 Mustangs from Sydney, 2 form Goulburn, 2 from the ACT, and around 8 from the Riverina Chapter all came together along the way to meet up with around 6 cars from Victoria. Allan found some excellent accommodation, with a great restaurant and bar right across the road. The Victorians were there to greet us as we all arrived. A short relax, and settle in, and then across to the restaurant and bar for an evening full of fun and laughter. Sunday, was a little Show ‘n Shine in the old Wodonga railway precinct until around 12 Midday. What can I say, but it was a brief getaway, with great company, and many fun times to be remembered. It will be an annual event, well worth attending next year. A huge Thank you goes out to Allan Spackman and Tony Borg for all the hard work.

Well that’s it for me for this year folks, there will be NO Pony Express magazine for January as all the committee need a break, especially our Editor David Lodge.

Last but not least, Welcome to all the new members who have recently joined MOCA NSW within the last month. Welcome aboard! Also, “Welcome Back” to some previous members who have re-joined after a brief absence.

On behalf of my Lovely Partner Maree, The Club Committee, and Myself, I would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas, and an Extremely Happy New Year.

That’s it for me for this month folks, Drive safe and keep well!

‘Til next month my friends!