Presidents Report - December 2017

I’m back from a great holiday in the US and thank you to Malcolm McEwen for filling in for me.
dlivian report4
I have only heard excellent reports from the off-site GM at SuperCheap Auto organised by Matt Thompson. No doubt we will be doing that again.

My trip to the ‘states was a balance of baseball games (both Sophomore and MLB), sightseeing and car stuff.

The car stuff was with our club friend Karl Rotkavich from Mustang Country in LA, where we visited both Nethercutt Museums, Galpin Auto Sports, The Petersen Museum, Blast from the Past and Back in the Day, then we drove to Las Vegas, where we arrived an hour after the shooting at Mandalay Bay!

In LV we went to Shelby American, Weld-er-Up (Vegas Rat Rods), American Restoration, Counts Kustoms and the Hoover Dam.

Frodlivian report5m there I flew to Phoenix and met up with Heather for Luke’s baseball tournament.

A day trip to PIMA Air and Space museum in Tucson, then 4 days in Washington with most of it spent at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, and riding push bikes between all the iconic government buildings and monuments.

Then to Houston and the Johnson Space Centre (Houston, we didn’t have a problem) and up to Dallas for the Flat 12 Gallery, and an amazing tour through the Gas Monkey Garage. Had to do the JFK thing at Deeley Square (fascinating) before flying home.

Meanwhile back at home the MOCA NSW was surviving without me with many runs and events already on the calendar.

The Novemdlivian report3ber GM, back at Merrylands RSL, was a corker, a lot of fun and a record number of new members there for the first time. When I called for “new members” and all those hands went up I thought they would be owners of the new S550 but was surprised with the mix of models and stories. I look forward to seeing them at future events.

What a beautiful segway to future events!

We have the Merrylands Muster and Christmas party on December 4 so get on to Matt ASAP about that.
Remember, our December GM is on the 13th in the Sports Bar.

Mable joined us from the Soar & Roar event to update us about that, and then we open 2018 with the 36th All American Day.

Bruce Sinclair and I met with the new marketing team at Castle Towers where they informed us due to development on OUR carpark we will be limited to 500 vehicles ONLY.

This is firm, as with paid parking now in place they will give us 500 free parking passes for entrants. We usually get between 500 and 600 entrants so unfortunately late comers will be turned away. Not an ideal situation but there was a chance we couldn’t even have it there with the work going on, so this is a fair compromise.

Finally, we have a few members having a tough time health wise at the moment, so we wish Chris Elliot, John Neale and Steve Jackman all the best for a quick recovery.

All the best for Christmas and the New Year, and remember, enjoy those Mustangs,

David Livian