Presidents Report - February 2017

alan vellaHappy New Year Fellow Members and Sponsors. I hope that you have all had a fabulous festive time with Family and Friends, and
that the New Year brings you much happiness and good health.

They say the emus can’t fly! Let me tell you, that after having an unfortunate incident with one over the break in between alranald and Euston on the Sturt Highway in my 1995 Mustang GT, I can now personally attest that they do! The bird came out of nowhere, without any warning, and only leaving enough time to say a four letter word right before the impact. With friends, and fellow club members Wayne & Jenene Feneck travelling behind in their 2016 Mustang, they most certainly sighted the bird fly over the roof of the car, with a description of “It looked like someone had split open a pillow, and the feathers being blown everywhere” being given by Wayne. It’s something that both Maree and I never want to experience again. The bird was pretty well deceased instantly from the impact, and It damaged all of the front of the car including a slight bend of both the chassis rails, broken headlamps, popping open of the sunroof, and deploying of both Airbags. We both also suffered from some bruising, but we’re all good now. We managed to get the car going to finish the journey, as this happened on the 2nd day of a 7 day trip away. With the Vehicle having nearly 300,000 klm’s on the speedo, and being converted all the way back in 1997 by Craig Dean of Mustang Motorsport fame, the incident was proof of the quality, and superior level of Craig’s workmanship and skill after all these years that the safety response systems being still operable after all this time. With the inability of being able to purchase new airbags, and the insurance having to warrant the repairs for a certain amount of years, the vehicle was written off, and has been sent to Mustang heaven. It has been a task to seek out, and purchase a replacement, by which I have succeeded in purchasing a Tickford converted Ford Australia 2002 Mustang Cobra Coupe.

Over the break, another member has had the unfortunate experience of losing both his cars, and belongings in a house fire. I would just like to extend on behalf of the membership, that our thoughts and best wishes are with you at this difficult time, and that you are able to get back on your feet, and back into a Mustang real soon.

Well my good mate Bruce Christ, whom I also affectionately refer to as “Toad” has had to undergo some surgery over the break. At last word, Bruce is well on the road to recovery, and doing better than ever. Get Well Quick Toad! Also, another fellow member Terry Luke, appears well on the road to recovery after having major surgery to remove cancer. Terry was walking around at the All American Day, and appears to be gaining strength and better health by the day. Keep it up guys!

Some of you may have questioned the Committee’s decision not to hold a General Meeting in January. With some discussion between us, it was decided that with the Christmas break, and no events in between the December, and January Meetings, we felt it not worth the exercise for what we thought may be a very short meeting, and with the Nationals drawing closer by the day, everyone involved deserved a well earnt rest.

Now onto the Nationals. Let’s start with the bookings for the Hotel, which is all sold out, the Friday, and Saturday evening functions are all sold out, and the Sunday Presentation Dinner has about 20 seats left, with all looking very promising in those areas. We have just finalised the venues for the Saturday Cruise, and the Monday Farewell lunch. A booking form will be posted on the Club website and emailed out to all the registrants requesting that you register your interest in attending these venues just so we can give both venues an estimate of the number of people wishing to attend so that they can organise staff, and the quantity of food and fare required to feed our mob. Please download the form, fill it in, and return by no later than the 31st March 2017. The Sunday display day is looking like it’s going to be a cracker, with Chris Elliott’s organisational skills leading the way. Also, please don’t forget to pre-order your event specific apparel to avoid disappointment. The wonderful Maree is anxiously awaiting your order. The Sunday Car display entry period has been extended for the Show n Shine by a few weeks. If you are intending on just turning up and showing your car, you will be paying $20 for the privilege unless you pre-book. Get in
early and save some money!

It’s funny how some people’s minds think. Of late, some members appear to have the thought in their mind that their $60 membership fee entitles them the right to abuse Committee members for whatever the reason may be. Let me say that this is most certainly NOT the case, and will not be tolerated. If you are intent on abusing, or intimidating a Committee member, whether it be in person, or by email, you will most certainly be bringing your ability to continue your membership into question. The Committee take these attempts to control or intimidate very seriously and will take the appropriate action. We the Committee are volunteers, and are not here to be abused by members and given a “so-called shake”. In future, please think before you act, as you may find that your membership has been revoked. And if you have a vehicle on either the CRS-H or CVS concessional
registration schemes, you will be considered by the NSW RMS and Police force to be unregistered and will be facing some hefty fines, and a possible court appearance.

Please, the committee ask for your understanding and patience with many things. As 99 percent of the committee work full time jobs, and some of us have our own businesses, our right to earn an income must come first. Many of us have families, mortgages, and other commitments outside of this Club which must take priority. So please don’t jump up and down and think the worst if we haven’t returned your email in a day or two. We will get around to getting back to you in due course. Remember, a priority in your life, (Unless it is life threatening) may not need to be taken care of straight away, but it eventually will be taken care of by the appropriate team member. Patience and Understanding please folks!

The NEW CVS registration scheme for modified vehicles is now up and running with more and more vehicles changing over by the day! If you have a modified vehicle, it is legal, andif you are wanting to save some of your “Hard Earned Cash” then please consider changing over. We the Club, are not administering the Scheme. We are only having to provide proof of your membership by stamping a form that you have filled in. The RMS in its wisdom, is also now considering a RHD Conversion to be modified, and has given direction that all RHD Converted Vehicles should be directed to the new CVS Scheme for modified vehicles.

This means that if you are currently on the CRS-H Scheme, and your vehicle is RHD, then we cannot approve your renewal. This ruling has raised some serious concerns within the Committee, and we are seeking some clarification, and even better, rectification from the NSW RMS. We are aware that it may leave some of our members in a sticky situation, but Terry Thompson from the CMC, and myself are working with the RMS policies department to rectify this, and seek a result that will suit all. We will let you all know in due course what the final outcome is.

December the 11th last year, we held our combined, and postponed from September, Merrylands Muster, and Xmas party in the one event. It was a huge success, and a great day out. We asked for registrations, and numbers so that we could advise our caterer on how many people he has to provide lunch for. Now we have a commitment to Mark Bonello our caterer, just as he has a commitment to our Club and its members. This also means that when you place your name on the list for an event like this, you also have made a
commitment to attend. In future, we ask that if you change your mind and are not going to attend an event that you have placed your name on the list for whatever reason, that you please advise us of the change with plenty of notice. The reason for this is that names were placed on the list by members, and 55 people did not attend. This is Individuals, Children, and Grandchildren. In effect, the Club had to pay the caterer for the 55 people who did not attend, and the food was thrown out. That was around $600 of the Clubs funds thrown away that could have been used elsewhere. This failure to attend, raises concerns that whether or not the Club will foot the cost in future for the Christmas Party. That day costs the Club around $5000 and a lot of hard work in organising, and if people cannot keep their commitment to attend, then things in future may have to change, and we may end up having to take a part or full payment in future to absorb some or all of the costs of holding the day.

Many of you may also notice some changes with the magazine sponsors this month. There have been some changes in advertisements with new artwork etc., and some are no longer advertising. I ask that you please support these sponsors, as they appreciate your custom very much, and many are very knowledgeable when it comes to the brand “Mustang”! Their ongoing support (as in the cost of their advertisement) assists in the cost of funding this wonderful magazine.

Last but not least, Welcome to all the new members who have recently joined MOCA NSW within the last month or 2. Welcome aboard! Also, “Welcome Back” to some previous members who have re-joined after a brief absence.

That’s it for me for this month folks, Drive safe and keep well!

‘Til next month my friends!

Alan Vella