Presidents Report - March 2017

alan vella2Hello All,

I hope you are all well? It’s been a hectic month for many of us as we get back into the New Year after Christmas. With many of us on the Committee back into a hectic work schedule, we are struggling to manage our time between the Club, work and life in General. This brings me to a couple of very important announcements.

Firstly, our Secretary Chris Elliot, has decided to vacate the role of Secretary due to personal reasons. Chris has partly been very instrumental in bringing in many new changes in the way that the Committee now performs its duties, and I wish Chris all the best, and sincerely thank him for his volunteer efforts and commitment whilst on this Committee. This now leaves us with no Secretary, which is not a good position to be in. If you are interested in coming on board to at the very least, temporarily fill the shoes vacated by Chris’s departure, then please let me know. At this stage it will be until the AGM, which the Committee has decided will be held on the 19th July 2017. The Club cannot function without a Secretary, so someone from the membership is required to step up and fill the role.

Secondly, I would also like to take this opportunity to inform you that I will not be seeking renomination for the role of President for the next term from the AGM in July. Whilst some members will be jumping for joy at this announcement, and I also realise others may not be impressed by my decision, but with pressures in my business, like my workload building up, family pressures with both my parents and younger sister’s health not being very good, it gives me no option but to step aside at the AGM and concentrate on other priorities in life. I am also wanting to further my qualifications, and this means more study needs to be done. I have donated a lot of time from my work day and personal life to perform duties for the Club, and have achieved a lot whilst in the roles of Events Coordinator, Vice President, and President, and I feel the time has arrived to give someone new an opportunity in the role.

I sincerely thank all of you who have helped, and given me much support whilst in these roles, and feel that the Club is in a great position to move forward, and should be able to withstand an audit by the NSW RMS should they ever decide to perform one. I will however, remain in the role of National Delegate No.2 and assist Eddie Hadley, and I will still also offer my technical knowledge to the Club Plate Registrar, although, Scott Richardson has been doing a stellar job to date in the role and has placed the Club’s integrity at the forefront, with himself falling under the NO RHD Mustangs on the HCRS Scheme ruling by the NSW RMS. Scott too, is having to move his own car over to the new CVS Modified scheme due to being RHD. You can’t ask for better honour and integrity than that. And by the way, we still have not had any change on that direction issued to us by the RMS. I am still awaiting further communication from them in response to my email to their policy department outlining previous rulings and acceptance by them in regards to RHD Mustangs. Sit tight everyone, we are trying our best for a favourable outcome for you all.

Hakan Veli our Events Coordinator has also decided that the role of Events Coordinator is not for him. He will continue in his role up until the AGM, but will not seek renomination for the role come nomination time in May. So I ask that it is time for members to stand up and fill the roles that are/or will be vacated on the Committee. Please remember that the Club cannot function without a Committee and volunteers, and the “Club needs you”!

Onto a bit of a get well quick note here, one of our long time members in Ron Eggleton, has just had his second hip replacement this year. Now, I have heard through the grapevine that Ron is doing extremely well with his rehabilitation, and will be entering the National Mustang Club Hopscotch Championships to be held later on this year, and will be competing alongside a few other knee and hip replacement recipients amongst our membership. Get well soon Ronnie!

Our new online Club Merchandise shop is now up and running. All the details on where to locate it on the internet are in this, and future editions of the Pony Express. Our very own “Captain Peacock” as in Keith Speer, has been doing an excellent job in the managing of the merchandise, and with the Committee’s approval has selected a range of premium quality clothing for you to wear at Club outings and shows. With extremely affordable pricing and fantastic service, there is no better time to jump online and order your Club outfit and be proud. And as they say, “Satisfaction guaranteed”!

Well as I write this report we are 6 weeks out from the Wollongong Nationals, or our very own ‘Big Dance” shall we say! Patrick Schinella, and Myself will be managing the parking display along with other helpers who have volunteered for the day, and all is looking rosy for what should be an absolutely fantastic day.

Nationals’ registrations including Sunday Show ‘n’ Shine were closed on the 12th February, and this means that there was ample time for all to register including the extension from 1st January to 12 February. This decision was made in order for all the teams to be organised and well prepared for the organisation of the event.

If you are still interested in participating in just the Sunday Show ‘n’ Shine, admission for this day is now $20 payable on arrival. This is MUSTANGS ONLY parking, and NO other make of car will be allowed to park in the display area. Due to Council regulations, and please note, that council rangers will be patrolling during the event, there will be NO coming and going in your car on the day as the council has requested that all vehicles be parked in by 10am at the latest, and are NOT to be removed from the grounds until after the Presentation which will be at 3pm. The gates will be locked between 10am and 3.30pm on the day.

With the Sage Hotel sold out, and limited parking available within the Hotel carpark, a decision on who gets to park in the Hotel has had to be made. The first 120 registrants will get preference. If you fall in category of the first 120 Hotel registrants, and have entered 2 Mustangs, then you will only be allowed to park 1 of your Mustangs in the Hotel. A second parking area has been sourced for the overflow, and those that do not have access to Hotel parking will be able to park your Mustangs in this area. A security guard will be placed at this parking area for the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Nights to watch over your vehicles. This overflow area will be locked off for their security, and 3 dedicated access times for you to access your Mustangs will be advertised. Sorry, but this is due to the NRL and WIN entertainment’s contract with the council for the carpark behind the Hotel. Not long now folks, and it will all be run ‘n’ won, and we can have a rest!

Last but not least, Welcome to all the new members who have recently joined MOCA NSW within the last month or 2. Welcome aboard! Also, “Welcome Back” to some previous members who have re-joined after a brief absence.

That’s it for me for this month folks, Drive safe and keep well!

‘Til next month my friends!

Alan Vella