Presidents Report - June 2017

Hello Fellow Members,

alan vellaFirstly a friendly reminder. Do not forget that this month’s General Meeting is NOT being held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. It is being held on the last Wednesday, which is the 28th June. This is due to the unavailability of the Club rooms.

Now what is this world coming to? It is a shame that this world is becoming such a nasty and evil place to live in. I remember as a child growing up in one of the largest multicultural neighbourhoods in Sydney’s inner western suburbs. There was none of this blowing people up and stabbings and shootings. As Children, we were all different nationalities, from different countries, with different stories of hardship and experiences, yet we all got along. There was the occasional racist shot, but that was always forgotten about rather quickly, and many of us are still friends today, and remain in contact. All we wanted to do was have fun and enjoy ourselves. Sure we got into the usual childhood mischief, but we never got into trouble with the Police, well most of us didn’t anyway. Even when we were extremely young, we would all play in the local park with a game of footy, or soccer. We felt safe! My heart sincerely goes out to the families of all those innocent young children that were killed or maimed in Manchester England recently. Can we please share a thought for them? Young innocent lives caught up in a world of hate and jealousy. We must realise that the world is full of stress at the moment, and we never know what the other person is dealing with, so we should give them some space and support, and not attack them. I remember some words once said to me by a larger than life character, and former MOCA member and very close friend, who was battling with a brain tumour, and passed away many years ago, he said, “I never knew how lucky he was”! I asked why he said that! His answer was, “Well, I’ve been lucky enough to live on this earth for forty odd years and have lead a relatively healthy life, with lots of fun times, and fabulous friends, and here are all these young children in hospital (that he would visit every day whilst he was recovering) and they were going to pass away, yet they were all still happy and smiling. My friend ended up passing away a few years later, but he was glad that he enjoyed a great life. The world is a crazy place, but why these idiots have to pick on children is beyond me.

On a happy note, I would like to take this opportunity to wish members John and Enid Neale a Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary. What a milestone reached by this lovely couple, and long-time members. On behalf of all of us, Congratulations John and Enid on your 50 years of wedded bliss!

Our Far North Coast contacts, John and Lisa Duerinckx are vacating the role of Far North Coast Contact/Coordinators and have decided to take a “sea change” and move to Bathurst alongside our long-time sponsor Michael Pentecost from Clancy Motors fame. Michael and John have developed a great relationship, and I would like to wish John and Lisa a smooth transition to Bathurst, with much success along the way. Best Wishes for a successful and trouble free move! This means that we are seeking a replacement for John and Lisa. If you are interested, and living in or around the Coffs Harbour region, drop me or the future President a line and we’ll have a chat.

The last lot of ordered shirts have managed to be sent out to those who placed orders for them after we sold out at the Nationals. We hope that you enjoy them, and thank you for your patience! Now like any lady, Maree has a passion for shopping, and she did an excellent job managing all the merchandise for the Nationals. I know that she would have wanted to purchase more, but we kept a good eye on the type of item, and quantity. This means that all orders are now closed for 2017 Nationals Merchandise. We managed to sell out of nearly everything, apart from some Car Sunscreens with the Pony (running horse) emblem, and like-wise with some coffee mugs and several umbrellas. Pretty well everything went. If you are interested in any of these items that still remain, please see Keith Speer our trusty merchandise controller to handle your enquiry.

If any members have any HCRS registrations that require renewal, our Club Plate registrar was away overseas on work related business recently, and wasn’t processing any renewals whilst away. Scott is now back from the USA, and eager to help. Please contact Scott for your renewal, or new application now that he has returned.

Now don’t forget that it is membership renewal time. All the details are in the magazine, so please remember to renew. It is extremely important if you are on the Historic (HCRS) registration scheme, or the new Modified CVS Scheme, to renew your membership on or before June 30. As after this date, your failure to renew in time could be seen that you are driving an unregistered vehicle by the NSW RMS or NSW Police Force. This could bring hefty fines by the Police, and if by any chance and worse luck, that you have a traffic accident, this means major fines, and no insurance coverage. So please remember to renew your membership before June 30, and before you drive.

It’s also coming up to AGM time. Wednesday 19th July is the date, and the place is Merrylands RSL at 8pm. It will be my last meeting as President. Now if you are interested in being part of the MOCA NSW Team/Committee please see the nomination form in this edition of the Pony Express. All positions will be vacated apart from the 2 National Delegate positions which are 2 year positions. Nominations close 9.00pm 12 July 2017. I look forward to receiving all the nominations for positions.

Another reminder is the Rattle n Hum Show at Castle Hill RSL Club on Sunday 25th June. It’s all for a good cause in the Tallowood Special School, and they always keep 40 spots aside for our Club. Gates open at 7am. Look forward to seeing you there.

Also, Christmas in July is drawing nearer by the day. Trevor Chapman and the crew, have a great deal of fun and laughter planned for all those who attend. If you are interested in coming along, please see the flyer in this magazine for all the details.

Last but not least, Welcome to all the new members who have recently joined MOCA NSW within the last month or 2. Welcome aboard! Also, “Welcome Back” to some previous members who have re-joined after a brief absence.

That’s it for me for this month folks, Drive safe and keep well, and we’ll see you round like a rissole!

‘Til next month my friends!

Alan Vella