Presidents Report - July 2017

Hello Fellow MembersHello Fellow Members,

alan vellaWell, it’s that time year when the days are cold and the daylight hours are short. It’s also Annual General Meeting time this month of July.

Firstly, I would like to commend Paul & Marion Clark on a “Job Well Done”! Paul & wife Marion, recently led a group of fellow Club members on a wandering path through outback NSW on the much advertised and promoted 2017 Mustang Gallop. There has been nothing but positive feedback from the many members that attended this outback wander, with many looking forward to Paul & Marion’s next adventure. You see, Paul is well experienced when it comes to putting these travelling trips together, and as has always been the case on previous Gallop’s, all who attend have nothing but a great time away with much comradery, funny adventures and fond memories. I would like to thank both Paul and Marion on behalf of the Committee and the many members who participated for offering their time and resources in putting together this great event. Thank you and well done to you both!I would like to extend some much needed “Get well quick” wishes to Malcolm Lines who recently fell suddenly ill, and spent a few days in a ward of his local hospital out Liverpool way. I hear that Mal is now on the mend, and wish him well on a speedy recovery.

Sunday June 25th saw the 9th annual Rattle n Hum Car Show at Castle Hill RSL with all proceeds going to the Tallowood Special School. As always, our Club was well represented with all model Mustangs on display in attendance, and I would like to congratulate members Matt Thompson, and Ted Deegan for taking out awards on behalf of the Mustang Club. Also, congratulations go to Wayne & Jenene Feneck for taking out the Car of the Day award with his 1955 Ford F100 Restomod pickup truck. It’s a beauty! Well done to all award winners, and thank you to all members who come along and participated to support this worthy cause.With many of the big car shows and events that we support and promote always centred round raising funds for charity, and now that the Mustang Nationals in Wollongong are run and won, it is only fitting that some of the money raised in Wollongong be donated to a worthy charity within the region. Maree, has suggested that we make a donation to a worthy Charity in Wollongong called Wesley Community Mission. It is primarily centred round providing meals for the underprivileged and homeless in Wollongong, and the committee at the June 2017 Committee meeting has unanimously agreed that a donation of $2000 be given to this worthy charity. There are other donation requests awaiting the committee’s approval, and I am sure that they will be high on the new incoming committee’s agenda to look into and fulfil some of these requests. I am not 100% sure at this specific time, but I think that this committee handed over donations to varying charities totalling around $25-26 Thousand dollars this term. This is a great achievement for our Club.

Now with the All Ford Day only a couple of weeks away, and the Shannon’s CMC Day a couple of weeks after that, a few volunteers are required for a couple of hours in the morning to assist with parking. Please see Phil Preston if you are able to lend a hand.With this being my last report to be submitted as Club President, I would like to say a HUGE Thank You to all those who have supported and believed in me whilst I have held this position. It has been a huge honour to be at the helm of this great Club over the last 2 years, and It was a huge task to manage the Wollongong event hands on whilst also being Club President, and it has taken its toll on me, both emotionally, and financially. Some may say that I should have just sat back and delegated all the tasks. It’s not that easy for some of us, as I have been a hands on person all my life. I get in and work regardless of the task ahead. I know that many members have had very high expectations of me, and this in turn was passed on to my team. Now, whilst I have been on the committee in various major roles over the past 4 years, in particular President, we have seen many changes over the last couple of years.

Firstly, we now have a more affordable, and better managed Club Merchandise system. It was a hard task with the previous system, and now to the best of my knowledge there has been no issues with this new system, especially with Keith Speer managing the way in an extremely efficient manner. Keith is a proud club man through and through and I have the highest of faith and trust in him. Job well done Keith and Thank You!

Secondly, we implemented a newer, and more universal user friendly cloud based membership management system this term. It works extremely well, with all the committee now being able to access the system anywhere in the world, at any time with a smart phone to perform their roles with more ease and accessibility. Also, at the beginning of this Committee’s term in July 2016, the Committee adopted a cloud based accounting system. It provides access to those granted it from anywhere in the world at any time to monitor the finances and approve payments at any time. This is working well with our Treasurer Mark Dear currently based in Nashville Tennessee in the USA for work. These 2 systems were approved by the Committee for transparency and ease of manageability sake if ever a change in future Committee happen, and will also assist with the training of newcomers to the team. A specific Committee member will be able to train another in the use of either system with ease, which will hopefully alleviate the load on any one individual in the future. These management and accounting systems were approved by the Committee after the last AGM, and remain that, A Committee Decision!

Any future changes to these systems will require committee approval. We also adopted a four signature system on the cheques. All 4 Executive Committee now have their signatures registered with the banks for cheque payments. Previously, it was only ever the President and Treasurer that signed cheques. This was good, but in the case of an absentee or illness, another executive like the Secretary, or Vice President is able to step in and sign the cheque to “keep the ball rolling” so to say!

Also, a secondary online payment approval system has been put into place. This has been adopted in case there have been any payment shortfalls and to be picked up by the secondary approver. All these changes have been put in place in the case of a sudden illness of a team member in the future, that the Club can continue to function with little to no disruption to anyone.Many of you may have noticed that some of the magazine and website sponsors have changed. It was about time that some of the dead wood and nonpayers were cleaned out. It took me hours to go through this system, and it is now pretty well all up to date. The advertising period has now to been brought back into line with how it used to be. With myself, being a long term Club Sponsor, I recall the advertising term was always from January to December year to year. This has now been brought back into line with invoices being distributed, and some being back dated, and should continue to be maintained this way.

What can I say about Scott Richardson, but he is future Club President material! Scott has been doing an outstanding job with the Club Plate scheme. He is extremely professional, with a high level of integrity. Some members seem not to care about telling untruths or trying to bluff or bully their way through the Club Plate Registration process just to save a few bucks. Both Scott and I have managed to remove many suspect and extremely highly modified cars from this system in order to protect the Club’s integrity. If you attempt to lie and cheat eventually you will be caught out. It’s only a matter of time. The Committee have also agreed to adopt a similar set of rules for the Modified or CVS Scheme to those already in place for the historic scheme. You will need to keep your eyes posted for this one folks. Also, please remember to always have your log book signed by a committee member.

And by the way, Scott’s wife Jenny has been looking after our Facebook Page. No wonder it is looking extremely professional now, with prompt and efficient replies to all enquires. Thanks Jenny and you’re doing a stellar job!Last but not least, Welcome to all the new members who have recently joined MOCA NSW within the last month or 2. Welcome aboard! Also, “Welcome Back” to some previous members who have re-joined after a brief absence.

Well, that’s about it folks! I sincerely thank you all for your support and friendship over the past few years, and I look forward to seeing you all in less of an official role at events etc. I sincerely would like to thank Maree for her endearing support, David Livian, Eddie Hadley, for their continued support and expertise, and the rest of the committee and helpers for all the support and help with events etc. A special thank you to Chris Elliot for his continued support. And I must not forget all the members. Thank You! I would also like to wish the incoming committee all the best for next term and I am sure that they will do an outstanding job, with what is best for the Club at one’s heart!

Thank you all, and see you!

Alan Vella