Presidents Report - September 2017

dlivianI am writing this having just returned from the Robertson Pie run, organised by Ian and Lorraine Walsh from the south coast chapter and promoted by our events coordinator, Matt Thompson.

Congratulations to both as their efforts generated a huge turnout of over 80 cars, mainly Mustangs, but a couple of ringers as well.

It was a spectacular sight watching 50 Mustangs in convoy down the Hume Hwy from Uncle Leo’s to meet the others in Robertson.

Talk was, and backed up by the full carpark, that many enjoyed the DRIVE.

Some were continuing their drive by going down the coast after having a pie or three.

We as a club try to offer our members a balance of events for them to get the most out of their Mustang.

We offer shows full of trophies, like the All American Day and Erina Show. There are drives; long and short, from the Fish & Chip run to Wollongong to the gallop to Tasmania. And there are casual “park and talk” days like the upcoming Linnwood House. Relaxing opportunities to park your pride and joy and enjoy a Coffee, Tea, Coke or Bonox (is that still a thing?) and great company.

Either way, you have the Mustang and we hope to give you every opportunity to enjoy it.

If you have any ideas contact Matt Thompson or any of the committee and we will work with you to make it happen.

Matt has some interesting ideas himself but I will leave it to him to tell you.

Last meeting we had the memorabilia auction with all proceeds going to the Sydney Childrens’ Hospital at Randwick.

Through the generosity of those who donated items and those who bought items we raised $1000, and I suggest the committee will match it, dollar for dollar.

Thank you to members who contributed.

Finally keep aside Wednesday, October 18 as this will be a very special offsite general meeting.

Enjoy your Mustang, cheers,

David Livian