Presidents Report - January 2018

dlivianWelcome to 2018 although it will be February when you read this. I trust you had an enjoyable break over the Christmas/New Year period and are all fired up for a big year.

As usual we kicked it off with the All American Day at Castle Towers Shopping Centre. This was the 36th AAD; the 35th at Castle Towers and the last at Castle Towers. Leading up to the event Bruce, Ken and I had issues with the available space we could use due to construction commencing on the rooftop carpark.

This combined with the new licence plate recognition paid parking system now in place meant we had an imposed limit of 500 cars. We usually get around 550-600 cars and it was going to be hard to turn away someone who had driven their baby there expecting to park at the show.

pres 010218

Scott Richardson helped me set up a Facebook page devoted to the AAD so I could advise enthusiasts and other clubs what was going on. (All American Day 2018 Sydney)

As it turned out numbers were down anyway, and I put it down to the Garry Treloar Memorial Speedway night at Kurri Kurri the night before, which was proudly supported by the club, but took members away.

This, combined with predicted 40 degree plus temperature and some doubt that late comers may be turned away meant we only had 360 cars there. I say “only”, but the car park still looked spectacular with some of the best American classics in NSW on display.

It looked odd with the area usually full of Corvettes empty, but we were told we couldn’t use that area, so we didn’t. On the day we could have, but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Management at CT are now looking to develop the rooftop carpark and we are looking for another venue.

Before you start calling me with ideas like Panthers, or the Museum of Fire, Castle Hill RSL, or behind Hassan’s Kebab Van we are looking for a venue that replicates what we had at CT.

This is going to be tough as we had it good there and I am trying to avoid it turning into just another car show in a paddock with nothing to do other than look at cars. Don’t get me wrong, I like looking at cars but the reason the AAD was so successful was that we always promoted it as a family day.

You could look at cars as long as you wanted to, or go the movies, go shopping, go the food court etc which is what made it work in the middle of an Australian summer; you weren’t stuck there in the heat.

We are looking at similar venues and we MAY have a date change as well, to avoid the heat or to fit in with a new venues calendar; we don’t know yet but will keep you informed.

pres2 010218Thank you to all the members who arrived early to help park cars and take money, especially David Mifsud, Heather and Luke Livian, John Duerinckx, John Ciappara, Paul Carthew, Collen and Rex White on registration, Brian, Michael, Mark, Tim and their posse for judging, and of course Ken and Bruce.

Sorry if I missed you but all the assistance on the day was greatly appreciated.

Angela Stansfield was there from the Childrens Hospital at Westmead to accept a donation for $10,000 from the 2017 event and we will have more for them from that event that we will probably give to them at the next RadioThon at the hospital, which will be a great opportunity to hopefully promote the new venue.

You will notice two new names on the committee page.

Chris Stavenhagen has taken over from Phil Preston as treasurer and I thank Phil and Mark Dear for their help in the transition.

Chris is a long-time member and has an extensive background in accounting.

Also David Hogg has taken on the membership role, and I welcome them both onto the committee.

Have a look at the events organised by Matt Thompson and others and get out there with your Mustang.

David Livian