Presidents Report - February 2018

d livian2At the last general meeting the concessional registration scheme was discussed at length, with members having questions about the management, eligibility and differences of schemes.

This was very productive as it is best to ask questions than to do the wrong thing in ignorance.
The CMC have worked tirelessly at establishing both the HVS and CVS and it is a privilege for our members to have access to it.

The 60-day log book scheme has allowed our members to enjoy their cars at a fraction of the cost of a fully registered vehicle. The RMS is losing money over this, but the CMC has proved it is for the advantage of the classic car movement. To then have a scheme that allows for legally modified vehicles AND the work they put into allowing RHD converted on the scheme is a huge advantage to all classic car clubs, but in particular the Mustang Owners Club in NSW.

The last thing we want to do is jeopardise the scheme with poor management.

At the last CMC meeting Ken and I were there to witness the delegate from the Porsche 356 Club stand up in front of the meeting of about 100 of his peers and explain that some members of his club were rorting the system.

We identified with that as recently I had to do the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do as a President of this club.

Phil Preston had been a long-time member of the club and was a hugely valuable member of the committee. During last year it came apparent that Phil’s Mustang had been renewed for HVS but none of the authorised committee had signed anything to enable this. In a major error of judgement Phil signed his eligibility form himself, and this brought on the attention of the RMS to the MOCA NSW concessional registration scheme, and a full investigation of Phil and the club was to be launched. We gave Phil the opportunity to stand down from the committee and if he was removed from membership the investigation would be called off as we, as a committee, acted responsibly.

Then we get notice of the Double Bay Car Club being deregistered by the RMS for improper implementation of the scheme, and this reinforced that we acted correctly.

Can you imagine the embarrassment if YOU were the member who caused the MOCA NSW to lose its CRS status with the RMS, or the MOCA NSW was the club that caused the scheme to be revoked due to our mismanagement, let alone the legal ramifications?

There was much speculation and gossip amongst the members about the committee’s actions why Phil stepped down and the firm but fair view of Scott’s management of the CRS and we felt it was time to clear the air.
Scott has taken on the task of managing the schemes and is doing a very good job of it, with full support of the current committee. You all know when your rego is due for renewal so don’t transfer your tardiness to act on it on to Scott. He has had applicants in the past tell him “its due next week so hurry up”.
We are all volunteers and have other commitments in life.
Scott travels a lot but has said give him 4 weeks and he will get it done.
You all have more than 4 weeks’ notice of a pending renewal so give him time and follow his clearly laid out directions on what to do and which forms to give him.
I suggest when emailing Scott opt for a read receipt on the email and he will acknowledge he has received it.

We had one member chasing his renewal, but Scott didn’t receive the application.
This is rare but does happen so if you don’t get a “read receipt” reply within a few days try again or contact a committee member whose number is in the front of the magazine.

As I have said, this is a huge benefit to our members and if used correctly there will be no problems. If you have any questions about anything in the club, ask a committee member. We are honest and open and will help to make your involvement in this great club enjoyable.

David Livian