Presidents Report - April 2018

dlivianCongratulations to the MOCA WA for organising a great Nationals. All reports from our members who travelled to Perth for the event were excellent, and well done to those who represented our club there, especially to those who DROVE across.

I spent Easter at Sydney Motor Sport Park competing in the 6-Hour Regularity relay; starting qualifying in the Mustang but when it became stuck in 3rd gear, I drove it home to Strathfield South (in 3rd gear!) and drove back in our MX5 race car. From being the only Mustang competing to one of about 20 MX5’s wasn’t what I planned but at the end of the day I understood why there were so many entered.

It just went all day, on one tank of fuel, and at the end of it the tyres were fine, the brakes still worked and I was relaxed.

I still would have preferred the Mustang but now its fixed ready for Challenge Bathurst.

mag1Last weekend was our Anniversary Pony Round Up at Vineyard Hotel and it was another great success, celebrating 54 years of the Mustang and the 25th event at Tourmaline/Vineyard.
About 110 cars, with many previously unseen cars and new members enjoyed perfect weather.

The carpark was at maximum capacity and the range was exceptional.

1965 to 2017, Shelby’s, Bosses, and even a 1980’s Mustang Police car trailered up by our new Canberran area contact, David Burnett.

Thank you to Ken Buckland and Dick Israel for being there early to hand out plaques, Kim Broadbent and Robyn Israel for helping Ken, Keith Speer for manning the merchandise stand all day, and Malcolm McEwen for his kind words of support at the presentation.

mag2I do all this for the club and while not expecting thanks, it is appreciated when it comes.

There are a growing number of S550’s coming to our shows and runs, either with new members, or existing members buying them; some in addition to their classics, like ourselves and others replacing them.

Irrespective, it’s important we welcome them because this is where our club is seeing growth.

As we get older we need new members coming through to ensure the continuity of the marque and the club.

Look at the Vintage and Veteran clubs across Australia. Cars that have survived 100 years are now unwanted. Those who grew up coveting these cars are now longer able to drive them, or no longer with us. Those who inherit them have little passion for them, combined with the vehicles in some cases not being that driveable, safe or practical sees negative growth in those clubs.

The CMC with days such as the Shannons Sydney Classic and National Motoring Heritage Day, is doing a great job to promote all our vehicles, but we are particularly fortunate to have a marque that has been in continuous production for 54 years, and is recently available for the first time factory built in RHD………….. and now it’s joining the Supercars ranks to go RACING!!!

So now I implore you to appreciate all our cars, old or new and all our members, old or young.
Enjoy your Mustang

David Livian