Presidents Report - June 2018

dlivianI’ve just returned from the All American Day at Erina Fair and well done to David Hogg, Rob Taylor and their crew of helpers.

A great day with lots of potential at an excellent venue.

There were a lot of S550’s there looking stunning and an interesting observation is that not only have they continued the interest in the Mustang with new, as well as our aging enthusiasts, but much like the Mustang released in 1964 ½ there is a plethora of options and accessories available.

Unlike 1964 ½ most of these aren’t offered by Ford, but by a vast range of aftermarket suppliers.

The likes of Roush, Tickford, Mustang Motorsport and Shelby have ensured that out of the 30 odd S550’s present there no two were the same.

Ranging from stripes to wheels to scoops and superchargers, in a world of very same looking daily drivers one can enjoy the convenience and safety of a modern car with the ability to customise the way you want.

stan bryantDon’t get me wrong, I am still my happiest when throwing my 66 Fastback around Mt Panorama, or cruising in my Boss 302 with my favourite wife by my side, which proves there is a Mustang for everyone.

At the event I also had the pleasure of presenting Stan Bryant with his 30-year membership badge and Peter Speechley with his 20-year badge.
Congratulations to you both.

Many years ago, when I was single and had time I joined the then National President and future MOCA “Hall of Fame” inductee No1, Kevin Musgrave, in running the Boss 302 Registry.

I used to make newsletters by photocopying them at work (I was an employee then with a very understanding boss) and mailing them out at my expense.

Kevin unfortunately passed away in 2007 and I continued and established a web presence in conjunction with the MOCA website and expanded it to incorporate all factory Boss powered vehicles.

Due to lack of time I have not been active with it for some time and now Andre Stoffers has offered to take over.

Andre has a few Bosses himself including an S197 and his sons are Boss owners as well. I welcome new blood to the Boss Registry and am sure Andre will take the Registry to the next level and I am happy to help where I can.

peter speechleyNext year is the 55th Anniversary of the Mustang, and 50th of the Boss 302 so it should be a big year for all us enthusiasts.

Finally, the AGM is fast approaching and as usual all committee positions are open.

Judging by the increasing number of attendees at the Traffic Dodger runs there are many members who now have more time on their hands so why not give back to the club that has given you so much.

Put your hand up and have a go; we will be here to assist.

To discuss any committee positions contact us.

As always, enjoy those Mustangs.


David Livian