Presidents Report - August 2018

dlivian report4Last night was our AGM and the results are in!

You’re stuck with me as President for another 12 months, as well as the past committee. Shows we’re doing something right, but there were some changes.

Thank you to Alan Vella, Mark Dear and Phil Preston who, for various reasons have moved on, to be replaced by Brian McAllister, Chris Stavenhagen and David Hogg who have now officially been voted in.
Also, unofficially, welcome to Kate Boland who joined the MOCA NSW a whole month ago and is already helping Matt Thompson with the organisation of coming events.

Reminds me of my early days; becoming a member in 1986, and in 1987 joining Jeanette Parrish on the Social Committee and not leaving the committee since.

Maybe Kate could be our first Madam President? No pressure Kate but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
Matt has organised many and varied events for you to enjoy your Mustang so check out the calendar and come along.

It was an excellent meeting with many members travelling from near and far to attend including former first lady Jeanette Francis and Norm Moore (Central Coast), Michael Pentecost and Mal Cave (Bathurst) and of course the regulars from Hartley and the South Coast.

Even our Editor, David Lodge from Newcastle graced the front table for the AGM.

Thank you to all members who attended, no matter where you’re from.

One of the pleasures of being re-elected is that the first duty of the new (old) President is to acknowledge members who have held continuous membership for 20 and 30 years.

Below is a list of those members and I was honoured to present them with their badge.

30 Year
Sue & Dennis Lean
Stan Bryant
20 Year
Leslie & Shirley Bryant
Gary & Dianne Peers
John & Anne Melville
Peter& Kathy Speechley
Phil & Raelein Woodbury
Shane & Jacky Lidden
Greg & Christine Russell
Paul & Jan Davidson
John & Lyn Killorn
Ken & Jan Benson
Ray & Cathy Carnall
Harry & Elena Pyromalis

On receipt of his and Jan’s 20 year badge, Ken Benson gave an emotional speech in appreciation of the wonderful friendships they have formed in the club over the years and acknowledged all the hard work the past and current committees have put into the running of the club.

It was truly a touching moment, thank you Ken.

The only point of general business for the AGM was brought up by me in response to consider a 10-year badge.

Our by-laws have provision for 20 and 30-year badges and I respect all the members who stay in the club 5, 8, 10 or however many years but it seems 20 is a real achievement.

In analysing membership duration, we currently have 180 members who would be eligible for a 10-year badge, should we have one, but only 22 for a 20-year badge.

I think this highlights the achievement of 20 plus years of membership.

Also, the cost to the club to issue a 10-year badge would be approximately $2000, and for a club so active in raising money for charity, I think we would be better off to donate that money to a worthy charity.

I look forward to the next 12 months as your President.

As always, enjoy those Mustangs

David Livian