Presidents Report - September 2018

It was with great sadness that we recently farewelled Steve Jackman and the turnout was fantastic, with members in club regalia and Mustangs parked everywhere to give Steve a fitting send off.

We even formed a guard of honour for the hearse as it drove out past all our Mustangs.

steve jackman1 

On a brighter note we had excellent support at the recent All Ford Day, as shown in the last magazine, and the CMC Shannons Sydney Classic, which I’m sure will be in this magazine.

Thank you to all who helped the club by marking out the carpark and helping park cars (that’s how you get your car on the cover!) and especially to those who behaved themselves on the track.

At the last general meeting we made a decision to email out the minutes of the previous meeting before the GM as we can’t guarantee the magazine will be in your possession in time to read it and bring up any comments.

This way you will have time to read the secretaries and treasurers report and bring up any queries to be satisfied at the meeting, without Madam Secretary having to read them out to you.

Finally, my apologies for not being able to attend the Muster and State Concours at Linnwood but I will be blessing the rains down in Africa (a Toto reference), and trust Matt and our team did an outstanding job and look forward to hearing all about it.

Until we meet again,

enjoy your Mustang

David Livian