Presidents Report - October 2018

Hi all,

dlivianIt seems like I went straight off the plane from Central Africa to the general meeting at SuperCheapAuto, Penrith.

I missed the first time Matt organised our GM at SuperCheapAuto but I’m glad I made the second.

Matt and his helpers did a great job with the BBQ, and SCA did well with the venue, discounts and door prizes.

There was even a 2017 Mustang in SCA Supercar livery front and centre.

Now I’m told that apparently I may have joked a bit too much about the influx of S550’s into the club and if I offended anyone I apologise.

It’s the same sense of humour I’ve had for 32 years in the club and regular attendees know I try to make the meetings fun, interesting and light-hearted, and don’t mean to upset anyone.

I have often said, and written in this magazine, that the S550, and Ford’s decision to manufacture them in RHD form has been a huge boost to the enthusiasm the Mustang has garnered here over the last 54 years.
It has mirrored the release of the 1964 ½ Mustang in that so much can be done to them from the factory, and more so from the myriad of aftermarket suppliers so that it would be rare to find two Mustangs the same. It has enabled long time Mustang enthusiasts to continue driving a Mustang and brought new enthusiasts into the fold.

I know Heather loves hers, and I was impressed to find out that our membership officer, David Hogg, has over 75,000 klms on his already. (Let me know if you have done more k’s in an S550.)

It will ensure the love of the Mustang will continue for many years to come and we welcome ALL Mustang owners to the club.

I was disappointed to hear that the Mustang Muster & State Concours at Linnwood House was not well supported.

I understand weather leading up to the weekend was not good, but much goes into these events and we appreciate you coming along to enjoy them.

Congratulations to the Concours winners, the Show and Shine winners, and thank you to Matt, Eddie, Keith, Pat and the judges for their efforts.

One new judge, Lisa Gossen, was still beaming after being able to get “up close and personal” with some of the best cars in our club and it is this enthusiasm we need to inspire.

Then we had the run to “Lost in the 50’s” at Cameron Park, near Newcastle.

What a great day! Sad to see the museum go but we gave it a wonderful send-off.

I couldn’t tell you how many cars were there, as they were spread all the way up the street.

I was playing baseball northside, so we stayed up there on Saturday night and although I got there early on Sunday to park inside I was directed to the carpark across the road because I was in a late model S550!!! (bloody discrimination!!!)

They wanted the early cars in the limited parking at the front of the museum and I understood completely. I was just happy to be there.

Well done to the local chapter who did us proud with the display.

Finally, I would like to welcome Rick Woelms to the committee, who has taken over from Scott Richardson as the club plate registrar.

Scott has done a great job establishing protocol and managing the scheme, making the transition to Rick, a 30-year MOCA NSW member, easy.

Also, Matt Thompson needs to hand over the portfolio of events co-ordinator due to personal and work commitments so if you want to get involved let the committee know.

Thank you to all who help out.

Until we meet again, enjoy your Mustang.

David Livian