March 2013 Presidents Report

March 2013 Presidents Report!

francismoca logoFebruary has been an interesting month for our Club. It has been the month when the Newcastle and the Central Coast Chapters of the Club have officially been established, Peter Cooke has organised the first mid- week (Traffic Dodger) run, and a considerable number of us went to Canberra to support our friends in the ACT who staged the Centenary of Canberra Mustang Car Show on Sunday, 24th February.

A group of 8 Mustangs headed off towards Canberra on Saturday morning. We were welcomed at a rest area near Lake George by 3 Mustangs from the Canberra Chapter with a supply of fresh doughnuts, prior to following Warwick Elliot around the perimeter of the Canberra City to Mt Stromlo, the National Observatory which is part of the ANU. The entire complex was destroyed by the devastating bush fires that ravaged the area about 10 years ago. Today there remains many burnt out structures that once housed the optical telescopes - left standing as reminders of that day when a fireball roared up the mountain reducing everything in its path to rubble.

Later in the day we enjoyed a meal at the Italian club with a number of the ACT Members before heading off for the Mustang Show under heavy skies the following morning. The weather held until noon. There were hints of sunshine in the Northern sky! Eighty Mustangs were sitting in front of the Old Parliament House looking magnificent when the rain came deluging down….and that in effect brought the show to a close. Dozens of locals had responded to the publicity and were happily checking out the display when the rain changed it all. Fortunately the best part of the day was by then behind us and the Show’s object had been achieved. This object was to raise money to assist with the care of a lovely young lady - Sarah Disbrey. Sarah is now in her early 20’s. When she was 18 years old, she suffered a massive stroke. This stroke has left her seriously handicapped and she now requires an enormous amount of special care and equipment. Sarah was along at the event with both her parents, braving the rain until the Presentation was finished. My sincere thanks to the Canberra Chapter. They rallied around the Event Director, Ian Jackson supporting him with both their time and their money, during the planning for this day over the past 12 months. Thank you, also, to the Members who made the effort to support our Canberra friends and drove from Sydney in very bleak weather on both Saturday and Sunday. The Mustangs belonging to Lisa and Les Davey as well as Mario Mastronardo were winners on the day. It surprised me to see how many of the later model Mustangs were there on display (that possibly has a lot to do with the influence of Neill Batchelor in the ACT!).

Jeanette and I took advantage of sunshine on Monday and a just beyond the boarder of the ACT, the Cobra’s top went down and we headed off in the direction of Batemans Bay, finally making it home to Lake Macquarie on Tuesday.

On the second weekend in February, Jeanette and I were delighted that over 50 Members turned up at our home for the inaugural meeting of the Newcastle and the Central Coast chapters of our Club. The outcome was that David Lodge will be the contact person for the Newcastle Group and Norm Moore will be the contact person for the Central Coast. The new groups will meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month - initially on alternative months.

Newcastle group will be first - the meeting is set for 13th March at Wests at New Lambton. We will assemble in the Bistro at around 7:45PM for a meeting time of 8:00PM. I suggest that those of us that are going to have a casual meal at the venue arrive if possible around 7:15PM. I will organise a spot for the actual meeting between now and the time. Next meeting will be at Diggers at The Entrance for the Central Coast Group in April - the second Wednesday once more and this time it is the 10th April! Consequently, the May Meeting in Newcastle will be on the 8th May.

Already, David and Norm are putting forward ideas. Norm has a Breakfast in the Park planned for Norah Head in the 17th March, and David is planning a run to the Hawkes Nest Motorfest on the 9th March. Incidently, on the following day, Sunday, the 10th, the MAD Day at Bargoed House, Swansea, is re-scheduled after its rain delay in February. A number of us plan to be there - perhaps give Norm a call if you plan on making it to this excellent venue on the shores of the Lake.

Peter Cooke’s first Tuesday Traffic Dodger run was a great success. Thanks Peter! It gave us retirees and a few shift workers the opportunity to drive their Mustangs and to enjoy meeting with other Members.

This month, the Club will donate money as promised to a couple of Charities nominated by the Members. The Heart Kids will receive $1,000. This organisation provides support to families with children with heart disease and raises awareness and funding to find the cause of this chronic disease which affects the lives of over 2,000 children a year. The Woodbury family have a brave little girl who is doing well, but has already been into the operating theatre many times. We will also donate another $1,000 to the MS Society. There are 2 ladies in our Club who have been battling this complex and debilitating disease for many years, and our funds will certainly help with the ongoing care of these patients.

Shortly, Jeanette and I will be heading off by road to WA with the Elliotts and the Capizzis for the Mustang Nationals. It will be a 6 day driving adventure. There are quite a number of NSW Members flying across - so we will look forward to seeing you all on the other side of Australia.

Finally, a special welcome to the New Members! The Committee joins me in welcoming you to the Club, now in its successful 32nd year. We hope that you take every opportunity to use and enjoy your Mustang.

David Francis