January 2013 Presidents Report

January 2013 Presidents Report

francismoca logoA Very Happy New Year to you all! I sincerely hope that 2013 is a year when we can all find good reasons to use and enjoy our Mustangs. We, the Committee folk, will be dreaming up Events that we hope will appeal to as many of you as possible, and give you good reason to prioritize getting the Pony Car out of its garage.
In early December, the Club’s Christmas Function at Club Umina was a great success! I would like to thank Evan and his Team at Club Umina for being excellent hosts on the day. It is a pleasure to run an event at Umina, where we can escape the heat or rain, sitting and eating Christmas dinner in the air conditioned comfort of the auditorium. A special thank you to Santa, and his helper Ann, for making a guest appearance, and congratulations to the winners of the Host’s Choice Awards. Santa, alias Ray Keating, and wife Ann very generously paid for the hire of the Santa costume themselves and then made that cost their donation to our Club-thank you Ann and Ray!

I would like to share with you my knowledge about the work of our affiliate Club- the Merrylands RSL. With the end of 2012 approaching, I was fortunate to be CEO Bryn Miller’s guest at the President’s Christmas function. This is the evening when the RSL hands out a vast amount of money to a considerable number of charities. The Club strongly supports colon cancer research, it contributes ongoing support for the health and welfare of the native people who live on the Kokoda Trail in PNG, and Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off the Streets programme, to mention just a few. On that evening alone, over $500,000 was handed back into the community for on going work. I am proud to be a Merrylands RSL Member, and proud of our association with this progressive organisation. In the coming months we will see major changes and improvements taking place at the Club’s premises. The Swan Room, where we currently meet, will close from February through to April for a significant upgrade. We will be meeting in a new area- downstairs near the restaurant while the work is taking place.

In my last Report, I gave you a date for the first meeting of the new Club’s chapter- the Central Coast /Newcastle Chapter. I mentioned that we would meet for brunch at Jeanette and my home in Gwandalan on Sunday, the 3rd February. Well, it turns out that day conflicts with a huge Newcastle event called the MAD Day, hosted by Rickshaw’s at Bargoed House, Swansea. So as to ensure that Members who live North of the Hawkesbury can attend both gatherings- we will move it to the following Sunday- the 10th February. An email blast will be sent out to all Members in the region reminding them of this important date.

Paul Davidson, who has just beat me into retirement by a mere few weeks did a very nice assignment for the Club in the days prior to Christmas. I had earlier received an email from the Deputy Principal of a primary school in the Carlton area asking if a Club member who owned a red convertible could be available to take a retiring long serving teacher on a final tribute ride past her students. This teacher, we are told, loved Mustangs, and had a picture of a red convertible on her classroom wall for many years. Paul took his 1965 red convertible along to the school and took the lady along with 2 other retirees on a grand parade through a long tunnel of clapping pupils. The teacher was both surprised and delighted. Thank you Paul- a nice thing to do!
The Canberra Mustang Show on 24th February is next topic on my agenda. Please support this event if you possibly can- it is the 100th Anniversary of Canberra and it would be great to ensure a big turnout of Mustangs. Make your own way to the ACT or, once again, a group of Mustangs will head off from the Uncle Leo’s Roadhouse, Glenfield, 10AM on Saturday morning the 23rd. The number to call for accommodation at Rydges on Capital Hill to book for the evening is 6295 3144.

Michael Pentecost of Hills Mustangs has been contacted by the producers of the TV Top Gear series and is in discussions with them about having a substantial group of Mustangs of varying ages appear in a television shoot in March at eastern Creek. Vice President Wayne will drive this publicity opportunity with Michael and will let you know the details and expectations in the coming weeks.

Remember, too, that if you are up for a big Mustang drive, you are welcome to join the small group of us who will be leaving Sydney for Wagga Wagga on the morning of the 22nd March enroute for Perth and the Mustang Nationals 2014. Give me a call!

Welcome to all of our new Members. We all recall the joy of realizing our dream, and actually purchasing, then getting to drive our Mustang. The Committee and Members will look forward to meeting you at various Club activities.

I look forward to seeing a record number of Mustangs rolling up at our iconic event, the All American Day at Castle Towers.

The delightful Ann, the Fund Raiser for the Oncology Unit at Westmead Children’s Hospital will be along to accept our donation of over $6,000 from the previous event and to address the attendees on the day about how our $10 gate donation assists so many people as they care for a child unfortunate to have been stricken with cancer.
Happy New Year!

David Francis