March 2014 Presidents Report

dlivianI have great pleasure in welcoming our new Editor, David Lodge, and look forward to his first issue of the Pony Express.

David (yes, another David on the committee!), was the Newcastle Chapter co-ordinator but handed over this role to John Burton, to take on the editorship.

John has hit the ground running already organising a lunch run to Nelson Bay and reflects the enthusiasm with which ALL our regional chapter co-ordinators demonstrate in their respective areas.

In fact I had an enquiry from Rob Bloxham from MOCA WA enquiring how we manage the regional coordinators because they were looking at setting up a similar scheme, so well done to all our state contacts.

I must say I am very proud of my committee and their commitment to the club.

Vice President, David Francis is obviously reveling in retirement and has been very active in organizing events now he has spare time. The most recent was the CARnivale display in Sydney, where the Mustangs looked stunning.

Phil Preston must be relieved to have handed over the Editors role to David Lodge so he can concentrate on the Treasury.

Kerry Myers has outsourced the club merchandise to Clever Products, freeing up finances from capital expense, as well as making it easier to manage sales at shows etc.

Peter Cooke has firmed up the club plate scheme procedure so it works as it is intended; to provide concessional registration to members using their vehicles for club events.

And while on club events, Alan Vella has done a sterling job giving us many opportunities to drive our cars.

The All American Day was a huge success with perfect weather and, even though we had a change of car park layout available to us, everything ran very smoothly.

I was extremely impressed with the generosity of attendees who not only accepted the increase of entry (from $10 to $15), many rounded it up to $20 with some giving even more. The most generous was a Mustanger who was unknown to me (Rego: FMC 289), gave Luke who was working on the gate with Heather and Jordan, $100 and said “keep the change”. Luke eyes lit up but quickly realised it was for the Hospital and not for his excellent service on the gate.

The nearly 200 Mustangs looked fantastic parked on the new level and I got some great photos from the roof of the adjacent building.

Thank you to Bruce Sinclair, Ken Buckland all who helped on the day, and to those who attended to make it one of the most successful AAD’s we've held. At this stage we will be able to add to our tally an additional $8000 for this great cause.

Last general meeting Ken Buckland presented to the committee a Platinum Bandaged Bear that was given to him when he called into to The Childrens Hospital at Westmead Hospital to return the banners used at the All American Day.

This Platinum level of support for the Childrens Hospital represents over $100,000 of donations, primarily from the All American Day.

We know for a fact it is closer to $150,000 but in the early days the benefactor was the Childrens’ Leukemia Foundation at Westmead Hospital but the donations then weren’t recorded against the Childrens Hospital with the change of name.

We could only achieve this with the strong support of the membership of the MOCA NSW and that of other clubs and enthusiasts who have supported the All American Day for the last 32 years.

This year I'm not racing as much to focus on my business, to fund our children’s activities and finish home renovations. This has resulted in Heather and I not being able to go the US to celebrate in the 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Jordan is in year 12 and concentrating on the HSC while Luke has just started high school and is playing 3 comps of baseball (Club, State and Little League), as well as playing basketball, debating and wants to compete in my race clubs Juniors Championship.

He is going to the US in July to play baseball against schools in the north east, as well as participating in AAA and Minor League games and going to a Major League game at Yankee Stadium.

I wish all the members who are going to the US a great time and I will be thinking of you while hurtling down Conrod Straight in my 66 Fastback during the Bathurst Motor Festival over Easter.

The 50th Anniversary Round Up at Vineyard has been moved back to May 18 to allow for the US travellers to attend but we are having a special general meeting on the 16th of April to celebrate in the club. (See this page for Mustang 50th Birthday Dinner Flyer).

Welcome to all the new members and I look forward to seeing you at a Mustang event in the near future.

Enjoy those Mustangs,

David Livian