Presidents Report - November 2018

dlivianHi all,

Last month I mentioned that we are looking for an events coordinator and while we will manage fine without one its good to have a central contact for events.

You wouldn’t have to organise everything but just be across what is being organised in the club. We have many members who have their favourite events to be part of.

Last month Paul Clark lead a group of members across Tasmania, I will still organise the All American Day and Pony Round Up, the Tuesday Traffic Dodger runs are going along smoothly and we get involved with some fantastic preorganised events around such as the Lugarno Spring Fair, All Ford Day, Shannon’s Sydney Classic etc.

Mixed in with the regional events there is plenty of variety for you to use your Mustang.

We have some new blood in the club, as well as retirees finding time on their hands so if you think you can help out contact me.

While on events, it was brought up at the October general meeting that some of our Sydney members would like to attend regional events but sometimes don’t have enough notice or details.

The regional contacts do a great job with their reports but sometimes overlook regular runs where our “Sydney basin” members could join them, even to just meet at a pub or club for lunch. What we will do is include more of the regional runs and shows in our general calendar giving our members more of an opportunity to use their Mustangs.

Rick Woelms is well on board with managing the Concessional Registration Scheme but please keep in the mind the conditions of the scheme.

You are saving hundreds of dollars on registration costs by being on our scheme and all we ask is that you come along to a minimum of 3 runs, including general meetings.

We have seen some on the scheme with 25-30 outings in their Mustangs and none to our events.

Come along and join us at a run or show; I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself with likeminded people.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge Rob Taylor from our Newcastle chapter who put his hand up for the CPR if Rick couldn’t do it.

Thank you, Rob, for your offer but we may have to defer your enthusiasm to when I have to step down as President.

Until we meet again, enjoy your Mustang

David Livian