Presidents Report - June 2019

Hi all,

dlivianJust back from the Central Coast Muscle Car Show and well done to David Hogg, Rob Taylor, Norm Moore and their band of helpers from the CC.

Unlucky about a clash with other events but a good turnout of 119 muscle cars from America and Australia still made for a great display of machinery.

I drove my 1969 Boss 302 there and as I was leaving my driveway with Heather at my side, I worked out it has been 7 years since that car has been driven more than 40kms in a day. (to Sydney Motor Sport Park and back)
In fact, apart from a drive from Newcastle to home following the 2012 Nationals it was 16 years since a decent drive.

Since importing it in 1989, we drove that car everywhere, including interstate to National Concours as a spectator, as well as the odd track day.

In 2002 it underwent a full restoration and went on to achieve Gold, and a win at Thoroughbred level in the MOCA National’s but became a trailer queen.

Following a successful concours career, what do you do?

Keep it in mothballs for concours duty or drive it?

The decision was easy; drive it, so off came the stifling ’69 transverse exhaust, Polyglass tyres and skinny ignition leads to be replaced by period correct Minilites, modern tyres and a more open 70 Boss style of exhaust.

First outing and the concours alternator failed on the M4 on the way to see Jim Richards at SMSP.

Easy fix.

Next trip was to Erina today and it ran great until leaving the show.

Started fine, drove 300 metres and stopped.

Jon “NRMA” Cooke to the rescue and we diagnosed an issue with the ignition, so we hotwired the coil.

d livian 0609

Started and ran, so off we went…….. for a short while.

Coughing and spluttering we made it to Repco, Gosford where a new coil was purchased, and it ran great all the way home.

Still some teething problems but it was nice to drive it again, and as a bonus it took home a trophy, thanks to event sponsor Star104.5FM

So, I’ve been one of those guys that couldn’t understand why you would bother with a date coded diff tag, to someone who spent 12 months searching for one.

I’ve experienced all facets of Mustang ownership and enjoyed every moment.

Nominations for committee positions are open and it’s time to step up people. We have 700 members but it’s the same ones doing all the work.

The traffic dodger runs show we have many capable retirees who can help out on the committee so put your hand up.

Don’t sit back and let everyone else do the work, have a go.

Don’t sit back and whinge about what we are doing, have a go.

If you like what we are doing, help us.

If you don’t like what we are doing, help us.

Contact me if you would like further information on being part of the MOCA NSW committee.

Until we meet again, enjoy your Mustang

David Livian