Presidents Report June 2015

dlivianThere has been much misinformation flying around the forum about the MOCA NSW and some of its committee members and I said my piece to straighten it out.

I’m not going to waste any more time discussing it further but all I will say is that if you have an issue with someone, talk to them.
If you don’t like something we as a committee are doing, lets us know.

Communication is paramount in society and we on the committee are all able to take constructive criticism, especially if it makes the club a better environment.

We have many good people in the club and I will not see it be tarnished by a few trouble makers full of dutch courage hiding behind their keyboard on social media.

Onto more positive things and by now you will all know that the venue for the 2017 Nationals is Wollongong.

Thank you again to Michael Pentecost, Neil Mathews and Eric Nethery, and their local helpers, for their alternate proposals but the majority of the committee went for the proposal offered by Alan Vella and Phil Preston. I’m sure it will be a great event.

Personally I preferred Bathurst (and as a club member I can have an opinion) as it would have been a unique experience for interstaters and locals alike to enjoy a SAAC like combination of static displays as well as the sights and sounds of modern and classic cars racing around one of the most iconic racetracks in the world.

Maybe next time.

While on classic race cars, club member Don Dimitriades contacted me with a unique opportunity for an enthusiast to experience what it is like to be part of a leading Touring Car Masters team. Don founded Thunder Road Racing Team Australia (TRRTA) and has Glenn Seton driving his TCM Mustang Coupe.

Don also owns the Kar Kraft built 1969 Trans-Am Boss 302 originally owned by Carrol Shelby and raced in the day by Dan Gurney, as well as some other spectacular race and road cars. The Dan Gurney Boss 302 will be flown in from the US and on display in the Bathurst Motor Museum for the Bathurst.

Motor Festival in 2017 along with the sister car run by a Canadian guy called Allan Moffat. (you may have seen it).

MOCA NSW, together with the Southern Sporting Car Club, will be selling raffle tickets for $5 ea and the winner will join TRRTA for the Father’s Day weekend in September.

You can do as much or as little as you want in the team garage at the Muscle Car Masters; rub shoulders with Glenn, John Bowe, Jim Richards and current point’s leader Gavin Bullas, change wheels or just chill and watch the racing, all while supporting a great cause.

All proceeds from the MOCA NSW sales go to the Sydney Children’s Hospital in Randwick, while proceeds from the SSCC will go to the Warren Weldon Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research. (For more information, see advert this magazine).

Thank you to Don for his generosity and this unique opportunity.

Finally, well done to those who braved inclement weather to attend the American Muscle Car Show at The Entrance. I’ve often said that we can control many aspects of our events but the weather is definitely not one of them.

David Hogg and his team put a lot of effort into this event but the weather conspired against them. Reports were that while numbers were obviously down, the vast majority of cars there were Mustangs and members still enjoyed the social side of the event.

Ironically Luke and I were at the SMP Skid Pan where wet weather is an advantage but it didn’t rain. I should have gone to The Entrance as, although I did well, Luke beat me on 2 of the courses!!!

Enjoy your magazine and see you soon