September 2013 Presidents Report

dlivianWell, I’m finally back in the Presidential seat and boy there are going to be some changes!!! Just joking; the club has run very well for many years now and as the saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

David Francis has done a great job over the past three years as President and I look forward to working with him and the rest of the excellent committee into the future. It is sad to see John & Doreen Chapman and Bruce & Lynn Christ leave the Events Co-Ordinators position but we welcome long time member Alan Vella to add his style to the job.

Wayne Byrne has also left the committee to concentrate on matters outside the club but I know he will continue to be an active and valuable member of MOCA NSW. We have finally found someone to fill Keith Speer’s shoes as Stock Controller so look out for Kerry Myers at selected events to update your wardrobe.

So, welcome to the new committee members and thank you to the ones leaving the committee ……… for now.

Over my 27 years of membership, most of them on the committee, I have seen many committee and general members move away from club activities due to personal reasons such as children’s sports, business or other family commitments. In my inauguration speech at the AGM I mentioned that these will affect me too as I am actively racing my 66 Fastback with the Southern Sporting Car Club, of which I am also the Vice President and Editor.

I am also on the committee of the Concord Baseball Club, and we all play baseball (some of us better than others). Our 12 year old, Luke, is playing U14’s Association Cup and is travelling more now, as well as Regional Softball, Basketball and Athletics.

Our other son, Jordan, is 16 so only God knows what he’s doing!!! Heather coaches Jordan’s U19’s baseball team and when the planets align she races with me in her Mk1 Escort.

What have I forgotten??? Oh, that’s right…. my business. This funds all our activities and in the current economic climate is a challenge too.

So I apologise in advance if I can’t get to everything like I used to the last time I was in this position but I am but just one member of a fantastic committee that will continue to guide this great club into the future. In fact the Merrylands Muster clashes with a Motorkhana I have to compete in to keep my challenge in the SSCC Club Championship alive.

At the AGM we welcomed Phil Preston to “Life Member” status for his untiring commitment to the club. Phil is currently filling the role as Magazine Editor as well as Treasurer but we don’t want to wear him out with all his other duties so if you feel you can take on the Editors job and all the power and glory that goes with it let us know. You won’t be thrown in the deep end and will certainly be assisted in the position.

That’s it for me. If you have any suggestions or constructive criticism let us know as this is YOUR club.

Cheers, David Livian