Presidents Report October 2015

Hello All,

alan vellaWith this being my very first President’s report, I will start it off on a very sad note. For many of you who may not already know, one of our most colourful members, has had to endure the tragic loss of one of their very own family members under very unfortunate circumstances. I would just like to take this opportunity on behalf of all of our members, to offer our sincerest condolences to them and their family. I know that all of our thoughts and prayers are with them throughout this most difficult of times.

It is times like these that really bring us back to reality and make us think of what is more important in life. Is it worth getting upset because something didn’t go yours or an associate’s way? Or getting upset because you didn’t get that trophy you thought that you were going to get? No, it isn’t! This is one of the positives of being in a club like ours. When times are tough, we all band together, help and support someone who is down and out because of their unfortunate circumstances. Regardless of who they are. It’s called comradery. And this club of ours is full of comradery. Many of us have made lifelong friends due to being members of this club, and many of us have called on these friends for love and support during tough times. And hopefully it will continue!

I must say that I am deeply humbled and honoured to hold the position of President of this great and wonderful club. In my 23 years of continuous membership in this club, and it wasn’t until 2 years ago that I became a committee member, that I thought that I would ever be President! It wasn’t even considered. All I can really say is thank you to all of the members for the opportunity and that I will give it my absolute best. I have a wonderful team of both new and experienced members on the committee, and I know that we will all do a stellar job. I would like to take this opportunity to officially welcome the 2 new members on board the committee. Allan Spackman as the Events Coordinator, and Chris Elliot as the Secretary. With the 2 new comers coming on board, they will need some guidance and assistance, so Keith Quiney our new Vice President, will be assisting Allan Spackman with the events role. They have many irons in the fire already, with runs planned for the next 12 months. So there should be plenty of events coming up, and I am sure that there is something on the future events calendar that suits everyone’s taste. I have confidence in them, and I am sure that you all do also. I would also like to thank David Livian, Malcolm McEwen, and Matt Jones for the commitment that they have shown in their roles on the committee over the last 13 months. Thank You guys!

It was a shame that we had to postpone the Merrylands Muster to a later date! Even though the Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day weather wise. The grounds were water logged on the Friday, and closed due to the rain that we had already received, with more rain forecast for Friday evening and the Saturday, the committee felt it was best not to chance it, and made the call to cancel on Friday evening. Better to be safe than sorry, as there was no guarantee from the council that the grounds would be right for use on the Sunday. We are now working hard with Holroyd Council to reschedule the event. The proposed date is Sunday 13th December. This date was set aside for our annual Christmas Party. With these 2 events now possibly clashing, we are trying and can hopefully have both the Muster, and the Christmas party on the same date in the same place! Trying to kill 2 birds with one stone as they say. Hopefully, it will happen. If it does, we feel it will be huge in both event status and attendance. If the plan doesn’t come to fruition, we will still be hosting the Christmas Party on this date to the south of Sydney. The committee have decided that we will have a catered BBQ style open air type function this year towards the south, so that we can make it easier for the southern chapters to participate in the event. Share it around the regions, so to say! But please remember, to participate in the Christmas Function wherever it may be, you must register your interest with the events person Allan Spackman by either email or phone contact after 5pm please.

Many of you have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of the trip that I have been attempting to organise up to the 2016 Nationals on the Gold Coast over the Easter weekend in 2016. I have been unable to secure the tour of the Bowden Collection of Historic Australian Race Cars at Buderim on the Sunshine Coast. Due to the Bowden’s hectic show and travel calendar, the dates that I was proposing for them to host our club for a tour will be unobtainable. Both Bowden’s and myself are extremely sorry as they have standing commitments elsewhere which cannot be altered. Also DJR Penske have booked us in, but cannot guarantee anything this far out. I am proposing that I postpone the tours of both facilities till later next year when both the Bowden’s and DJR can give us guaranteed bookings, which I am sure that they be able to. I shall however, for those who are wanting to drive up to the Nationals in a group next Easter, will be putting a trip together with some accommodation half way with the help of Mike and Judy Middleton. Mike & Judy have been busy checking out some accommodation options for the trip, and hopefully it will suit everyone’s fancy. There may even be a few rooms with spas for those wanting to soak their fancy after the long days drive up!

Whilst I am still on the events topic, I will be hosting another Big Al’s Mystery Breakfast Run. It has become a very popular event on the calendar. The date has been set for Sunday 15th November. It is a run not to be missed, and I look forward to seeing you there!

One last thing, don’t forget that we will be having an officer from the Dept. Of Consumer Affairs attending our October General meeting. He shall be informing everyone of what their rights are when dealing with unscrupulous and dodgy Motor dealers, repairers and backyard operators. We hear so many stories of these, and as a business and Licenced motor repairer, I too will be most interested in what the Dept. Representative has to say. One thing for sure, that there are always 2 sides to every story!
On that note, I would like to extend a huge welcome to all the new members who have recently joined the club. Don’t be a stranger, come up and say Hi!

Bye for now.
Alan Vella