Presidents Report - March 2016

Hello All,

alan vellaWith the planning and partial execution now well underway for the 2017 Nationals in Wollongong, all indicators are telling us it’s going to be a very successful and very well supported event. With more than 50 people from as far away as Port Macquarie expressing their interest to be part of the team to plan, and execute the many tasks ahead, it’s relieving to know that it won’t all be left up to the committee to run.

A separate “Nationals” organising committee/team consisting of “Club Members”, has been put in place to manage the event, and was accepted by members who attended the meeting in Wollongong on Sunday 28th February at the Sage Hotel.

David Lodge, Chris Elliot and myself, spent the weekend of the 13th & 14th February at David and Yvonne Lodge’s residence to draft the event “Framework” document which will be the guideline for the event. We are very fortunate to have within our membership, many people with all kinds of experience and qualifications in many different fields of expertise that we can call on for help and direction in the many tasks ahead of us. We all came away from the weekend feeling thoroughly satisfied in knowing that we have made a solid effort to the Nationals planning, and are moving forward. The plan was even met with Eddie Hadley’s approval! The race is now on, so keep your eyes posted to this space for those most important 2017 Nationals updates!

A new type of Motor Show is coming to Sydney in November/December this year, called “Motorworld Sydney”! The idea of this new event is that you can take a new model vehicle for a test drive around a race track at a tad higher speed than you would be able to on the road. But it is under strict controlled conditions to test the vehicles features. And many of you may have seen Maureen Lines, Pat & Christine Schinella, David Livian and Myself on the evening news on Channel 7 on Tuesday 9th February. Well that was the media day for the event, and the Mustang Owners Club have been given pole position with involvement over some other clubs in this prestigious new style of event. The event’s main charity partner is the Special Olympics, and Allan Spackman is now in the planning stages with the organisers for the event. With a huge focus of the event being on women who purchase new vehicles, it was only fitting that Maureen Lines be interviewed. And what a stellar job by her representing our Club. Well done Maureen! We were fortunate to take some of the VIP’s, Media personnel, and Special Olympians present on the day for a few speed limited laps. 110KPH was the limit to be adhered to. I can see the Club’s involvement with this event being a very fruitful one for all our members who come along and participate in the varying formats of this event. Thank you to James Suprain for the heads up on this event.

I must apologise for being absent at the February General Meeting. With both my parents being elderly and my father being very frail, there will be the odd occasion where I have to tend to their needs, and other pressing issues. I hope that you can take the time to understand where I am with this. I would also like to thank those who have taken the time to make contact with me to ask how my father is doing. It is greatly appreciated! On the same night, we held our postponed annual Christmas auction. The amount raised was $1740.00. David Livian has suggested that it would be a good idea that this amount be rounded off to $2000 with the club tipping in the balance, and it be donated to the Sydney Children’s Hospital. The committee has unanimously supported this worthwhile recommendation. I would also like to congratulate the lucky recipients who were awarded the State Concours’ Trophies on the night. Congratulations, and Well Done!

With the Dungog “Bullitt” movie run being a huge success on Sunday the 21st February, a few of us decided to leave on the Saturday prior and travel to the beautiful country town of Gloucester, which is approximately an hour north of Dungog, and stay the Saturday night at the Bombay Hilton. Driving on the back country roads really made me appreciate this beautiful country we call home. It was great to get off the main freeway to experience this. Although, perhaps a camel would have been more suited to the bumpy ride than a Mustang. The country was so green and lush.

Wayne & Jenene Feneck championed this overnight getaway, and what a great time was had by those who attended. Wayne was on a first name basis with Vijay the Motel manager and I am sure that I heard Wayne mutter a few words to our host in another language. And boy, the motel was certainly a step back in time to around the 50’s era. Maureen lines was seen sneaking out of the Pub with a carton of XXXX over her shoulder to lead everyone astray for the Saturday afternoon’s customary unwind amongst friends after a day of driving. We managed to catch up with local members John & Noeleen Weismantel for dinner at the local watering hole for dinner. It was great to see you! I would like to take this opportunity to thank Brendon Osborne for putting together the movie day, John Burton for being the contact, Allan Spackman for leading the charge for the drive up by the Sydney siders on the Sunday, Wayne & Jenene Feneck for organising the accommodation and Saturday drive up, and Maureen Lines for carrying my carton of beer back from the pub for me.
On a sad front, our Vice President, Keith Quiney is standing down from his role effective immediately. Keith’s work load in his current role as a manager in his professional vocation has become more and more time consuming. He feels that he cannot commit the necessary time to the Club any longer, and does not want to let the team down. Which means we are now looking for a new Vice President. If you are interested in filling in till the AGM this year, please let one of the committee know. We are sorry to see you go Keith, and we wish you all the best in your very demanding daytime position.

Last but not least, I would like to offer a huge welcome to all the new members who have just joined our club over the last month or so. Welcome aboard! And as predicted, we are seeing quite a few new members join the club who have purchased the latest 2016 model Mustang which is fantastic to see. Our club is not just for the early model cars, it’s for all lovers of all the models and varying styles of the Mustang Marque. So don’t be shy, come along and say Hi and join in on some of the runs or shows. Everyone is Welcome!

Bye for now!

Alan Vella