Presidents Report - August 2016

Hello All,

alan vella2

I’d like to start this month’s report with a little spiel in regards to our CRS-H Historic Registration Scheme. With registration costs soaring, and quite a few of us having more than one Mustang, classic car of another brand, or in many other instances, more than the one car in our garage or driveway regardless of the brand, then the heavily discounted scheme for classic vehicles is most certainly a very attractive option for cheaper registration.

We also have many new members recently joining our club to gain access to the CRS-H 60 day trial which is just about to enter its second year of its 2 year trial period. And all indicators are saying it’s proving extremely popular. This brings me to some very serious issues which surfaced recently. Yes, this registration is considerably cheaper. But along with the cheaper price, comes a set of strict rules that have to be adhered to, both by the members, and by the Club! Nothing is for free they say, especially when it comes via our government, and it is becoming very concerning that some member’s seem to think that they can do what they want to their cars in regards to modifications etc. whilst on this scheme and expect to get away with it. Let me set the record straight in regards to this. Under No circumstances can you make alterations or carry out major modifications to your vehicle whilst you are on this scheme and expect to get away with it without being noticed by someone.

This scheme is only available to standard vehicles with period modifications or period accessories only. No Exceptions! Some appear to have the idea that we the Club owe it to them to allow them on this scheme. This is most certainly not the case. We the Club did not modify your car for you. It was your choice to purchase these particular parts and fit them to your Mustang. No one else’s! And we did not twist your arm and force you onto this scheme. It was your choice to apply. The non-complying type of modifications are just some of the items that will bring your Mustang, you, and most importantly, the Mustang Club under the spotlight of the NSW Police, and the NSW RMS for some unwanted attention of the kind that we do not want if an unfortunate situation should arise. If the Police and the RMS get heavy, for whatever reason, we could lose access to the scheme, and have many unhappy members who will be looking for someone to blame. If you have an accident, or do something silly and get caught out, then do not expect the Club to cover for you, because we won’t. End of story! And please don’t bring up that other Clubs allow this or that, because it will not work either. In other words, if you don’t like the terms and conditions of this scheme, then don’t apply.

If you persist with the Non Compliance of your vehicle, then you may receive a rude shock when your renewal through the Club is refused. It may be best for you to wait for the soon to be released Modified Vehicle Scheme, as that will more than likely be more appropriate for you and your vehicle. So please remember, have some consideration for your fellow members who do the right thing, as we are all here to enjoy our Mustangs, and our friends!

We recently held our AGM after the conclusion of the July general meeting, and we now have 3 new members on the committee. Well one is new, and the other two are boomerangs who have returned after a brief absence. I would like to officially welcome the newest member Mark Dear to the committee. Mark is the new Club Treasurer and Public Officer. Mark is a young, dynamic, fully qualified chartered accountant. And boy is he tall, so he isn’t easily missed! Mark works for a large Australian firm and should feel quite at ease with managing our pennies. On behalf of the membership, I welcome aboard Mark and his lovely partner Emily, and I am sure all the membership will make you both feel extremely welcome. Now to the boomerangs, firstly, David Livian, is officially back as Vice President for 12 months, and Keith Speer is our Stock Controller. Welcome Back guys! Chris Elliot and Eddie Hadley have remained in their previous roles, and our ever trusty David Lodge remains as Magazine Editor, and David Hogg remains as our Club Plate Registrar. Which leaves us with 2 vacancies. Firstly, we require an Events Coordinator. Please see the advert in this magazine. Also, we require a Licence Captain. In the meantime, I will be preparing the events listing in the Pony Express until we find or happen to kidnap a future Events Coordinator to fill the role!

I also made mention in my closing address to the membership at the July General Meeting, that the previous committee were only in the job for 10 months. This was to bring the AGM back in line to the month of July when it was traditionally held. I also made mention that during this 10 month period, the committee donated in excess of $21,500 to various charities. This is something that we are all extremely proud of, and it’s something all our members should be proud of too. Thank you, and keep up the good work!

Now onto the 2017 Mustang Nationals in Wollongong over Easter. Most recently, I asked a popular member that attends many events and weekends away with the Club if they were going to book for the Nationals, as the event is filling quickly. Their reply was my car is not up to that standard! It’s not a matter of whether any members car is up to any particular standard, this event is all about the Mustang lifestyle. Many people participate from all over Australia wherever it may be held that particular year, and come to catch up with friends from other states that they have made over the years. There are the Concours entrants that chase that elusive Gold Award, or Thoroughbred Award for the select few that are up at that level. And then there are those that come along just for the evening festivities, and are happy with just being able to participate in the Sunday Show ‘n’ Shine. Please don’t be shy, register, participate, and enjoy the weekend for what it is. It’s all about having a good time among friends.

Still on the Nationals, for those of you who are still considering whether or not to book, don’t leave it too much longer before you register. As I write this, it has been only 8 weeks since the registration period opened, and we are currently at 75 percent capacity for the 3 evening functions. The hotel is at approximately 60 percent capacity. These are very promising results so early into the booking period, giving the indication that hopefully the event is going to be a sell out well before the closing date of 31st December 2016. When it comes to the Sunday Show ‘n’ Shine, members or others for that matter, will NOT just be able to roll up on the Sunday and Park your car in the Show ‘n’ Shine area. YOU MUST pre-register and pay your $10 for this event too. Sorry, but No MUSTANG entry will be allowed at the gate unless you have pre-registered and received your pass. You will be given a small goodie bag for your efforts even if you are just participating in the Sunday Show. We have capacity for 400 cars in the Show ‘n’ Shine area, so let’s see if we can fill it. It is promising to be a bumper event, and it would be a shame if you missed out! The registration forms for all facets of the Nationals are on our Club website Better book before it’s too late, or you may miss out! Congrats to Dave Mifsud, who was over the moon to receive 2nd place in the All Ford Day 2016 'Classic' Concours D'Elegance with his beautiful 1966 GT350 replica.

On behalf of the committee, I would like to apologize if this magazine has been delivered to you a bit late this month, as our editor David Lodge has been ill in Hospital. I would like to send David our best wishes for a speedy recovery. Get well soon mate!

Last but not least, Welcome to all the new members who have recently joined MOCA NSW within the last month. Welcome aboard! Also, “Welcome Back” to some previous members who have re-joined after a brief absence.

That’s it for me for this month folks, Drive safe and keep well!

‘Til next month my friends!