Presidents Report July 2013

david-francisI will commence this President’s Report by talking about our late friend and Club Editor, Peter Dunlop, who passed away at the end of June. On the day of his funeral, a considerable number of Members responded to Treasurer Phil’s email and saluted Peter by turning up at his home on the Central Coast. We then formed our cars into a Mustang motorcade, with Peter’s red convertible out front and followed the hearse to the funeral home. Peter had joined our Club 13 years ago, and by 2004 had become the Editor of the Pony Express. In this task, Peter excelled. At some time or another, most of us would have had reason to talk to Peter about advertising or when submitting an article for publication. Peter was always right on the ball, doing flyers for events, organising advertisers, and ensuring that the Pony Express was fully prepared and ready for printing on a monthly basis prior to the regular Club Meeting. This was a big accomplishment and we will miss his professional approach and his dedication to the continued promotion of the marque that he certainly was passionate about - the Mustang. We will remember Peter with great respect.

There have been plenty of Mustang activities across our State in the past month, and plenty more happening in the weeks ahead.

Those of us that managed to attend the Newcastle / Central Coast lunch day at Caves Beach Hotel had a very enjoyable afternoon basking in Winter sunshine at this magnificent venue. The cars looked fantastic, on display in an enclosed paddock in the front of the hotel. Please keep an eye out for the Events in this region by reading David Lodge’s Reports in Pony Express or by accessing the new Chapter’s page on the website by activating the tab.

Vice President Wayne, in his Report, is reminding you to register with Treasurer Phil for the Night with John Bowe on Monday night the 22nd July. I understand that JB has planned a few special surprises on the night. John will be in Sydney to attend Motorex over the weekend and is staying an additional couple of nights especially to talk to us!

Talking Motorex, the plans are now locked in place for the Club’s display, and my thanks to those of you who have already put in the hard yards bringing the display theme to life. I am sure that the Mustang Owners club stand will look very professional and that you will do us proud.

On Sunday, the 21st July, I plan to be in Port Macquarie for the initial meeting of yet another new Mustang Club Chapter - the North Coast Chapter! Neville Cooper, Ron Woods, together with Eric and Craig Nethery are planning an 11:00AM Mustang gathering at Panthers club in Port Macquarie, followed by lunch and the Meeting. There are plenty of Mustang owners in that greater area, including our Founding Members Marlene and Mike O’Sullivan, so, if you are in the vicinity, please come along, meet with your fellow enthusiasts, and enjoy their company!

The AGM is now just a month away, and although most Committee Members will be standing for re-election, we must find members to fill a few key positions - the Editor, for example. In this edition of Pony Express there is a list of Committee of Management positions - please give these positions your careful consideration. There is no better way to get involved in our successful club than to become part of its Committee. Phil, in his Treasurer role, has now completed the Financial Accounts which will soon be sent to the Honorary Auditor, John Bailey for verification. I am ready to hand over the President’s job to my successor!

David Livian has Proposed that treasurer and temporary editor Phil Preston be honoured at the AGM with Life Membership. I strongly endorse David’s Proposal. A criteria for Life Membership is that the person has spent a minimum of 5 years on the Committee. That is a base criteria! Each of our Life Member has gone way beyond the call of duty in many aspects for the Club, over many years, and this is indeed the case with Phil. You will be asked to vote for this proposal at the AGM and should it be carried, then it will be a well deserved recognition for a member who, especially in the past 18 months, has given a great deal of his time on a daily basis to the Mustang Owners Club!

At the June Meeting the Committee informed the Members present that considerable thought and attention has been given to the Club Merchandise. We have been unable to find anyone to take on the job of caring and selling the Club’s stock following Keith Speer’s retirement some time ago. Clearly, it is time for a re-think the task - we have a lot of capital and stock involved. The Club has been approached by a business called Clever Products who specialise in supplying regalia to many clubs and groups. Member Colin Canham, who has had a great deal of experience as Regalia Officer of a huge football club tells me Clever Products have offered us an exceptionally good deal (no contracts or minimum sales clauses) to take over the responsibility of holding stock at no cost to us-no dragging the trailer around, and no need to keep the high rental eftpos machine. Prices for shirts, hats, jackets, and other product will remain on par with current stock. Members will deal with them directly for an agreed assortment of products. We will sell down all current stock during the coming months and large stocks (Club caps) will be taken over by Clever Products for on sale to members at no additional cost to the Club. A Committee Member will have a range of product sample at Meetings and at key events. I will pass on more information to you as we head down this pathway. Clearly there is a significant financial benefit for the Club in not having to finance and carry a stock holding and of course it makes the job of controlling and selling the stock much easier.

As I bring this Report to its conclusion, we are off to meet up with a group of Members and head on up to Port Stephen for our Christmas in July weekend. It is a magnificent day and we are very excited, heading off in the Cobra for a weekend with 100 wonderful people. David Lodge has excelled yet again with his detailed planning for the next 3 days - for sure, nobody will have reason to come home hungry.

Welcome to all of our new Members. Take every opportunity to use and enjoy your Mustang- they are all classics. The MOCA (NSW) Inc is a large club - over 600 members. Many of those members have been part of the Club for over 20 years. Please introduce yourself to a Committee Member at an event or at the Monthly Meeting so as we can personally make you welcome and then introduce you to your fellow members.

David Francis