July 2014 Presidents Report

dlivianYou may have heard through social media or the forum that one of our most active and popular members, Garry Treloar, passed away on Sunday June 29, which was the eve of his and Penny’s 22nd anniversary of joining the MOCA NSW.

Garry’s Black and Gold GT350H was a crowd pleaser at many of the shows that he and Penny attended but it was the friendships formed in the club that he cherished most.

A vale will appear elsewhere in the magazine but I would like to thank all the members who attended Garry’s service in their club regalia and many with their Mustangs to make this a fitting send off for Garry.

With great effort from son, Darrin, club members Rick Marks, John & Enid Neale and Alan Vella, 2 of his speedway bikes were there as well as 3 of his Mustangs, and I appreciate the opportunity given me by Penny to speak at the service on behalf of the club he loved so much.

It makes you stop and think about what is important in life as recently there have been some petty issues bouncing around the club forum, social media and in emails.

We are all here due to a common interest and as they say “you can’t please all the people all the time”

If you have an issue with the organisation of the club drop me a line.

If you have an issue with a member sort it out with them as the direct approach is often the best.

The committee are all voluntary and doing their best while also working or running a business. Be considerate in communication as while we are all happy to help you it may not be convenient when you call and we are happy to call you back when we can.

We have some key events on the horizon such as the All Ford Day, The Merrylands Muster and the Shannon’s Sydney Classic.

Thank you all involved in the organisation of these days as we are making special displays to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Mustang. In particular to Richard Griffiths and Phil Preston with their effort in the special “evolution” display at the All Ford Day.

As always thank you to Alan Vella for giving us many reasons to take the pony’s out for a gallop.

Nominations are called for committee positions and all positions are open. The existing committee has been nominated for another year but if you feel you are up to the rewarding challenge, have a go.

Finally thank you to all who bought raffle tickets at the GM in a fundraising effort for Luke’s baseball team travelling to America to play against high school and college teams over there. Mel Taylor was assisting me by selling the tickets and was lucky enough to receive the phone call from the Razorbacks to advise her that she won the major prize of the holiday.

Keep enjoying those Mustangs.

David Livian