Presidents Report April 2015

dlivianI am very sad to commence another Presidents report with the passing of another member. Tricia Lean, with Les always by her side, was a very active over the 23 years of hers and Les’ membership.

Tricia had a real passion for cars, and not only their 67 Mustang Coupe but she also loved her 1934 Chev Hot Rod. Unfortunately Tricia fell ill in December and after a short but fierce battle she passed away on March 24. Tricia leaves behind husband Les, children Rebecca, Nathan and Lisa, 8 grandchildren, and a life well lived. Our thoughts are with the family.

This does highlight the fact that as our cars age, so does our membership.

I well remember joining the club in 1986 with a rough 67 Convertible and without a care in the world. I attended every run and the next year joined the committee. I’ve seen lots of members come and go and have enjoyed the company of many of them; but we’re all getting older.

It’s great to see new members join with young families, as well as members now in retirement enjoying the mid-week runs. These have been very well attended and again highlight our aging membership.

Possibly the arrival of the new Mustang at the end of this year will attract a new breed of members to the club. I know for a fact that many current members have ordered the new Pony car but there will be others attracted to the modern styling, performance and sharp pricing.

Orders are closed now and the factory in Flat Rock, Michigan will commence building RHD versions to order in June with delivery to Australia between December and March.

It will be interesting to see what effect these new Mustangs have on the value of classic Mustangs and how the demographic of our club changes over the next few years.

The Pony Round Up at the Vineyard Hotel will probably have been run by the time you read this and there we had another meeting of the regional delegates. This is to acquaint ourselves again and to hear what they are organising for their local members and how we can assist them.

It’s great to read more reports of their activities in this excellent magazine and all areas are active, which is important as every member gets something different out of the club but we want to give them every opportunity to enjoy their cars.

We will have also seen any proposals for the 2017 Nationals and will have a decision for you.

I have just returned from the CMC meeting, as Ken Buckland and I are delegates, and there are exciting developments in a “non-original” (note the significant avoidance of the word “modified”) Historical Club Registration Scheme, which lies somewhere between the current scheme and full rego. A major announcement about this should be made next month and will interest many of our members.

Check out the calendar as the Events team are working hard to enable you to enjoy your Pony’s whenever you can.

Finally, I trust all those who made it to Glenelg for the Nationals had a great time and I look forward to hearing and reading about it.

Until next we meet, enjoy those Mustangs.

David Livian