Vice Presidents Report - July 2016

d livian2Well, I’m back but just to keep the seat warm for a budding new committee member who wants to join the committee and help the club. I was invited back to impart my 30 years of club experience (yes, I joined when I was 10!) and am happy to guide a member who wishes to be involved with the organisation of this great club. I have no ambitions for the Presidency but just want to foster and assist others to get involved.

We have nearly 800 members, with many retired, so we shouldn’t have a problem getting them to help out on the committee. If you think you can help contact me or any committee member to find out what is involved. I look forward to seeing you soon and, so step up and have a go.

I feel bad that I will not be at the July AGM but we will be in Korea (I have a return ticket so I’m guessing it’s South Korea) as Luke is playing in the World Boys’ Baseball tournament there.

Finally it is sad to hear of the passing of Rod Goff. Rod and Patricia are long time members; and Rod was a past President and founding member of the previous Mustang Club in NSW. He and Patricia would often drive their 2 Mustangs to events and Patricia used hers like a daily driver. They certainly got the most out of their Ponies and Rod will be sorely missed.

David Livian