Presidents Report May 2008

I now know the best way to appreciate a big block. It's from the rear view mirror.

I learnt this on the Pie Run last month. Taking the back roads from Penrith to the Mountains, we stopped off at a spectacular lookout at Hawkesbury Heights. Just as we were leaving the parking area a red 1970 Shelby GT 500 appeared. One moment it wasn't there; the next it was. Spooky. The convoy was leaving so the driver remained in the car, a shadowy figure behind tinted glass.

We continued along Hawkesbury Road, eventually joining the Great Western Highway at Springwood. It was a right hand turn onto the highway, and with traffic moving briskly it was a case of picking a gap - on both sides of the road - and going for it. I waited for my turn as each car in the convoy joined the highway. A space opened up in front of a van that I thought might just be enough if I didn't hang about. I began to move out quickly and then realised that the Shelby was going for the same gap. And it was behind me. Four point six litres of Ford V8 on full song will hustle a Cobra convertible along pretty quickly. But it's nothing compared to 428 cubic inches of angry Cobra Jet. I had a forty metre lead on him but he closed on me like I was standing still. I watched the bonnet jump as he changed from first to second. I was going as hard as I could but suddenly he was in my rear vision mirror, braking hard under my rear bumper and sawing back and forth across the boot as he fought to control the bellowing beast. And he never got out of second gear. So that's how I know that the best way to appreciate a big block is through the rear vision mirror - when you're doing you're damnedest to stay in front of him but he's all over you like a rash. It's an experience that's both awesome and frightening at the same time; a sight and sound I won't forget in a hurry. Thanks Dennis.

The Pie Run itself was great. As I've said before, the only thing better than seeing a convoy of Mustangs is being in one. It was a great trip up the mountains, and the pies were excellent. We'll do this one again. The week before was the Annual Round Up at the Vineyard Hotel. This was the 15th year this event has been held at the hotel now known as The Vineyard, and with exactly 100 cars in attendance, is proof it's still a favourite with members. 'Thanks' to David Livian for all his hard work in organising the day. We figured that the virgin he sacrificed must have lied - the day started out beautifully but as the dark clouds gathered towards the middle of the day we decided to abandon lunch and do the presentation. Congratulations to the winners. Thanks to Jeremy, the Manager of the hotel, for offering a generous discount on lunch in the bistro in lieu of the barbecue.

The Annual General Meeting will be held in June, so if there's only one meeting you make it to in a year, this should be it (well, this and the December meeting - David Livian and his assistant, Ace, are great entertainers at the Auction and it's a fun night).

Finally, welcome to the following new members:

Malcolm Wilbow 66 coupe
David Attard 66 coupe
Joe Patane 65 coupe
Jamil Mannah 67 coupe
Don't hesitate to contact me or any Committee member if you have a question. We're there to help.

Get your ponies on the road and drive safely

Malcolm McEwen