Presidents Report April 2012

The Mustang Nationals, 2012 are now in the history books! Our next turn to host them again will be in 5 year’s time. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the outstanding success of this event over Easter- whether it was with sponsorship, gifts of product, helping out over the weekend, or simply coming along and participating with your Mustang.

Whenever assistance was needed, there was always one of our guys nearby ready to lend a hand. Our ladies were on the frontline, selling merchandise and tickets, helping with registrations, and numerous other tasks.

We had a fabulous turn out of cars for the event both from our own Club and also from every other Mustang Club across Australia

A record number of Concours vehicles lined up for judging at Kloster Ford on Saturday, while a huge number of people in their Mustangs headed off for the day into the Hunter Valley. I stood in the street, enjoying the sight and sound of 40 Mustangs roaring off towards the Hunter from outside the Wests Leagues Club.

The members who have been around the Club for many years will recall that I was called the Rain Master- more than a few of the events that I have been involved with organizing in the past have resulted in us all getting a super soak- remember the Cactus Jack run to the Hunter? However, this time, luck was on our side and we enjoyed a week of beautiful sunshine in the run up to the Nationals and fortunately that pattern continued across Easter.

In the dawn on Sunday, the dark clouds gathered and then down came the rain. Paul Carthew noticed the look of absolute despair on my face and said- don’t worry David, it’s only a little shower to settle the dust for us! Fortunately, he was right. A miracle happened, the rain stopped and the Foreshore was able to showcase itself as the magnificent venue for a car show that we knew it could actually be.

Richard Griffith masterminded the layout of the Foreshore Park. He travelled to Newcastle on numerous occasions from his home South of Wollongong to assure himself that this would be a very special Mustang car show. The Foreshore is a large area and it is a challenge to ensure that the display flows across it without vehicles ending up in what could be described as dead spots. However, once we had nearly 300 Mustangs parked, the traders in position, then vast numbers of spectators arrived- the overview looked spectacular. With such a large turnout of people to look at our cars, it reinforces my belief that the interest in Mustangs of all ages is on the increase.

Our special guest, Fletch, really got into the spirit of the Saturday night auction. He partnered up with David Livian to keep us entertained and focused all evening as they worked through 50 significant Auction donations. I have talked for years about the need for us to organize a Central Coast/ Newcastle chapter for our Club. It is clear by the number of magnificent local Mustangs that came along to the display and whose owners were not part of our Club, that the time is right to put that plan into action.

Currently, I don’t quite know where I will find the time- maybe one of you guys in that part of the world will put their hand up to host a monthly social get-together and plan outings for the future. Next year I will be out of the workforce and living in the area - it will be easier.

Well, enough from me about the Nationals- they have driven the lives of a group of us for a long time. I really hope that everyone who attended over Easter enjoyed being part of the biggest Mustang only gathering that we have organized to date. It was especially rewarding to see Members and their cars on the Park who haven’t been able to be around the Club for a long time.

Thank you all! In accordance with our updated Constitution (and the Dept. Of Fair Trading) we will be holding the Annual General Meeting from this year onwards after the end of the Financial Year. This year it is planned for Wednesday, 15th August. At that time, all Committee positions will be up for election. Keith, who has done a superb job for a considerable number of years with the Club’s merchandise, has called Time Out. Editor Peter will be printing a Committee Nomination form soon, so if you feel that you would like to be part of the administration of this active organization, please do not hesitate to step forward.

For the President, there is a 3 year term of office according to our Rules before he or she must step aside. For me this happens in 2013. However, I give every possible assistance to anyone who would like to take the reins from me at this AGM.

Welcome to all of our new Members. We all recall the joy of realizing the dream and actually purchasing then getting to drive our Mustang. The Committee and members will look forward to meeting you at various Club activities.

David Francis