Presidents Report August 2007

This month’s report starts off with the very sad news of the serious injuries suffered by long term member, Bill Dafo, of Newcastle. For those who don’t know, Bill was up a ladder on the new home he’s building in late July. He fell, sustaining serious injuries including severe damage to the spine.

He was transferred from John Hunter Hospital to the Spinal Unit of Prince of Wales Hospital. My thanks
to Alan Vella for immediately alerting me to Bill’s situation, and to David Francis for mobilising the northern bush telegraph so quickly. Many of Bill’s friends in the club have made contact, and I’m sure it’s uplifting for him and Magda to know that they and their family are in our thoughts and prayers. I’ve spoken to both Bill and Magda, and passed on your best wishes for his speedy return to health.

The other piece of not-so-good news is that at this stage the Wollongong Show & Shine has to be cancelled. Shellharbour City Council has rejected our application to hold the show at Albion Park Show Ground, citing possible damage to a playing field as the reason. The committee is working on an alternative, but at this stage of the year it might just be too late to get anything else organised, given our other commitments, and the process involved in securing a suitable alternative venue.

My thanks to Rex Hall for all his hard work in trying to keep the show on the road, with firstly some sponsors pulling out, then Yallah Woolshed pulling the pin, and finally Shellharbour City Council knocking back our application. We’ll keep you

We have over 700 members in the club now, but we only get about 80 to the monthly meetings. Often it’s the same people who travel from near and far (and often very far) to regularly attend. They’d be staid affairs without people like Norm and Joy Moore (Tumbi Umbi), Neil and Maria Matthews (Bathurst), Rex and Maureen Hall (Albion Park) and Phil and Raelein Woodbury (Lithgow) who, along with others, make long trips to attend the club’s meetings.I understand that for many, work and other commitments make it difficult to get to meetings.

For others it’s just too far, especially for many of our regional members, but for those who’ve been thinking about coming to a meeting, or who haven’t been for a while, this is a special appeal asking you to come along and enjoy the camaraderie of your club.

If you know anyone who hasn’t been to a meeting for a while, please encourage them to come along. It’s a good way of keeping in touch with what’s happening, but also we sometimes put an issue to a vote of people at the meeting (for example, the recent question of whether or not to hold a state concours). If you’re not there, we won’t get the benefit of your views.Also, if you know anyone who owns a Mustang but who isn’t a member of the club, invite them to come along to a meeting. We’ll give them a warm welcome and do our best to entice them to join.

It’s been fascinating watching the sales of local muscle cars recently. First to go was a restored Phase III Falcon that sold for $680,000, a record that was quickly broken by another that went for $750,000. Now our own Paul Carthew is looking for $1,000,000 for his low mileage, two owner, unrestored example. These are exceptional sales of exceptional cars, of course, but they’ve created a storm in the media, and underline the current strength of the classic car market. The value of the Aussie dollar is the other interesting factor in the equation. It’s a great time to buy, so hopefully we’ll see some interesting and “new” metal arriving on our shores.Finally, a very big welcome to the following new members:
Stephen and Roslyn Halleybone - TBA
Warren and Fiona Jenkins – 66 Coupe
Barry and Lyn Smith – 66 Coupe As always, if there’s anything that I or any committee member can do to help, don’t hesitate to ask.

Hope to see you on the road! .

Malcolm McEwen