Presidents Report August 2010

It has been an interesting few weeks. First, of course, it was coming to terms with being back at work and living once again in the real world after our long vacation in Europe. Then it was coming up to speed with the day to day issues and happenings in our Club.

Vice President Melanie and I are indeed fortunate to be the new faces on an excellent and experienced Committee. Talking about Vice President Melanie, part of her role will be to ensure that new members are made to feel welcome and part of our large Club. We can all remember the excitement we felt when we realized the dream of owning a Mustang for the first time. Joining the Club, making friends, and using the car with fellow enthusiasts should be part of the continuation of that dream.

The Forum came into focus as the first issue requiring immediate attention. For me, the Forum has been a sharp learning curve; it is a tool that has escaped my attention. However, I now respect how important it is to the people not only across the country, but to Mustang enthusiasts in the USA and other places as well. It is a National Site and as such it is the responsibility of the National Body, but managed on a day to day basis by NSW. As it has grown, it has changed and clear rules have to be put into place, particularly regarding advertising. These rules, and advertising charges, have been tabled and Eddie Hadley, the committee member empowered to control the site on a daily basis, is now communicating with the other states and seeking their endorsement prior to implementing the changes in mid August. I strongly believe that Eddie's posting of the new rules and charges will in the best interests of the Club - as always.

The Combined Ford Club organised an excellent day at Eastern Creek on Sunday 25th August. Over 70 Mustangs represented our Club on the day. A good contingent from the ACT made a weekend of the opportunity to be in Sydney and the Cave family once again came all the way from Dubbo. Good news! Our Club Members won 3 trophies. Charlie and Ursula Zammit will have to find room for yet another award (it was suggested that maybe we'll have to handicap their car), while Gary Bunting from Wollongong won his first award with his beautiful Gun- metal grey 66 Coupe. Then to the Concours - won by the outstanding red 69 Sportroof of Laurie Attard! This Concours is difficult to win. It is judged by owners of all types of Fords who often do not appreciate the fine details of a Mustang. Congratulations and well done to all 3 winners.

Wayne Byrne was very disappointed when we failed to win an award for the Club's creative display at Motorex. From the photos, to me, it looked fantastic. It featured Hertz Shelbys with memorabilia from 1966. Thank you to all involved; even though there was no award, the Club was portrayed in a very professional manner to the public.

At the July monthly meeting, I made a commitment to announce the venue for the 2012 Mustang Nationals at the August Meeting. We have 3 optional venues for the event- Panthers at Penrith, Mudgee and Newcastle. At the time of writing, the decision is still pending -but not for long!

I need to clarify, Jeanette informs me, of the facts behind the presentation of a Club cheque at the last Meeting to Norm Moore and Rob Taylor. This is the story - At The Entrance, All American Muscle Car Show, these two gentlemen through their efforts and your attendance managed to raise $750.00 at the gate for their nominated charity, the Glenvale Special School for Disabled Children. Rob's engraving and trophy business, Keyman, donated a further $400. Our Club topped it up by adding a further $850.00. Norm and Rob, on behalf of our Club recently presented $2,000.00 to the school. Well done!

It is the beginning of a new financial year and committee members are giving thought to the next 12 months and preparing an estimate of the outgoings and income of their area of responsibility. These statistics will form the basis of the Club's Budget for 2010/2011.

Our best wishes to one of the Club's former First Ladies, Karen McEwen. Karen is recovering after giving herself and her family a big health scare. Also, our best wishes for a speedy recovery to, Neil (ACE) Matthews. Neil, on the weekend of the 31st July was suffering intense pain and was being treated for suspected gall stones.

Finally, a very warm welcome to all of our new members. We look forward to seeing you at the various club activities enjoying your Mustang.

David Francis

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