Presidents Report August 2011

The Gods certainly smiled on all Ford owners by turning on a beautiful sunny day on Sunday 30th July when countless examples of the marque turned up at Eastern Creek for the All Ford Day.

I will start by congratulating Geoff Day, the CFC President, our own Eddie Hadley, the Vice President, and the Committee of the Combined Ford Club for successfully staging such a major event. Special thanks to Richard Griffith for his attention to detail in planning the layout of the Pit Area for 80 Mustangs. Richard left his home South of Wollongong at 3am to ensure every car spot was clearly defined in readiness for Lisa and Les Davey to accurately position each and every vehicle. The result- our Club won a magnificent trophy for the Best CFC Club Display!

The good news goes on; Carla and Gino brought along their beautiful blue Shelby GT500 and were rewarded with the CFC Committee Choice Trophy while Sam Kafrouny made us all proud with his fabulous 65 Fastback winning the Concours Original category. Congratulations Sam, Carla and Gino plus a sincere thanks to all Mustang owners who were at Eastern Creek bright and early ready to showcase our club at this huge Ford gathering. I hear that even though he is still unable to drive his Model T truck, Committee man Peter Cooke ensured that it was there at Eastern Creek, and it won a trophy.

On the day prior to the All Ford Day, I dug out the Jag and attended the All British Day at the Foreshore Park in Newcastle, the show venue for the Mustang Nationals next Easter. It is beautiful park with significant challenges for the person setting up the show, such as a kidney shaped lake right in its centre. It was an opportunity to see how the Jaguar Drivers Club handled the area, and they did it well. For us, Richard Griffith will once again apply his considerable engineering abilities to this challenge; we will be in good hands!

Mustang owners will be amused to know that my mighty V12 yet again failed to proceed, this time at Charlestown where it experienced a fuel vapour lock and as a consequence of me then flattening the battery during my attempts to get it restarted, I needed the NRMA‘s help. Of course it is the only vehicle we own that was not registered for road service! I made it home 3 hours late, and considerably poorer. It was a relief to climb behind the wheel of a trustworthy old 289 Mustang and drive it to the All Ford Day.

The next big focus on my Mustang calendar is the weekend of the 10 and 11th September. First date, Mustang High - The Reunion! Neil (Ace) Matthews is organizing a fun night at the Merrylands RSL on Saturday evening commencing early. It has been a long time since we have been to Mustang High and that was an unforgettable experience. If you would like to join fellow members for the evening and possibly see David Livian with hair, please give Neil a call and plan to come along in your old school uniform.

Next day is the Muster! Eddie Hadley and his judges will be looking after the annual State Concours. The Rotary Club will be cooking sausages and steak sandwiches, there will be a coffee vendor, and a wood fired pizza man at Holroyd Gardens on that Sunday. Elvis, alias Steve Head, will be there on his Caddy stage to add atmosphere to the day. This is the event where we support the RSL, the Holroyd Council, and the local community by showcasing our cars. The Mayor of Holroyd, Cr Peter Monahan will be come along to judge cars as well as the CEO of the RSL, Bryn Miller, together with members of the RSL Board. The Committee needs your support! Please turn up with your Mustang.

The planning details for the Mustang Nationals in Newcastle next Easter continue on a daily basis. I am delighted to share with you that Eddie, Phil Preston and I accompanied Colin Broadbent on a visit to Kloster Ford where we met with Craig Welsh, their Service General Manager. Craig offered to clear his extensive service and workshop areas and allow the Club to use them for the concours judging on Easter Saturday. This is greatly appreciated and will make the job of judging the concours much easier and infinitely more professional. Entrants will be able to relax in a lounge with café facilities and watch the judging taking place from behind glass. We will also have the opportunity to put a Mustang in the Kloster‘s new car showroom window prior to Easter.

Craig Dean from Mustang Motorsport has agreed to become a sponsor for the Nationals and he will no doubt create an impressive display of late model Mustangs from his expanding group of owners who are members of our club- particularly the Canberra group!

The list of Event Sponsors currently consists of the following organizations- Shannons Insurance, Mustang Motorsport, Merrylands RSL, and the boys from Hills Mustangs! My sincere thanks to each of these businesses for agreeing to assist our club with the event. Editor, Peter Dunlop, has included the entry forms for the 2012 Nationals in this edition of Pony Express. Please assist your committee by completing and returning these forms, it will be greatly appreciated.

My sincere thanks to Keith Speers, as well as all of the members, who became involved in the Mustang Club display at Motorex. Keith pulled the display together with short notice and battled the organizers for space when he felt he was being squeezed out. Our display certainly made a positive statement about the Mustang Club to the visitors.

The membership renewals continue to flow into the Club‘s PO Box. Many thanks to you all for re-joining. Your committee will continue to actively plan to not only run the Club on a sound financial basis, but will also continue to create as many as possible opportunities to use and enjoy our Mustangs.

A very warm welcome to all of our new members. We will look forward to seeing you out on the various Club activities enjoying your Mustang.

David Francis