Presidents Report August 2012

David is in Europe at the time of printing and will not be submitting a report for this month – Editor

David is always very proud to talk of the terrific community spirit that MOCA and the members display in many quiet ways.

With David’s absence, it is opportune to highlight two recent donations made by MOCA on behalf of the members.

You may recall the Merrylands Muster of 2011 was a highlight in our calendar and created an opportunity to showcase our vehicles in the excellent grounds of Holroyd Gardens Park. Merrylands Council always support us with our request to use the park and of course we have a relationship with Merrylands RSL Club that we hold in very high regard. It was a very easy decision therefore for us to support another local who comes in the form of Father Chris Riley. Father Chris is very passionate and dedicated to helping the younger generation through his charitable foundation – Youth Off The Streets.

Unfortunately, time was not available to Father Chris to catch us in one of our meetings however when the opportunity arose to be part of the Open Day at the local facility operated by Youth Off The Streets, our promised donation of $1,000 was presented to Father Chris. When you see the work undertaken, by the Foundation, we realise the benefit to the community makes Father Chris and his band of happy helpers very worthy of our support.

As mentioned in the July meeting and President’s report, David travelled to Newcastle Children’s Hospital to meet Dr Frank Alvaro to present a $3,000 donation to the Children’s Hospital in Newcastle. The donation was a means of saying a big Thank You to the Newcastle community for the support MOCA received with the Nationals. We also extend our thanks to members Denise and Noel Witter for their recommendation to support this worthy cause.

The accompanying photo shows smiles all round for David and Frank (holding our cheque, tightly! The kids in attendance were also smiling despite their ill health, which said far, far more than the words of thanks passed on to us all.

David Francis