Presidents Report Febuary 2008

It was my sad duty to report to last month’s general meeting the passing of Tammy Thomas, wife of Steve. Tammy died on Saturday, 12 January 2008. Her funeral was on Friday, 18 January.

Tammy was only 48.

She and Steve had been marriedfor 29 years. There was a strong showing of MOCA members at Forest Lawns Memorial Gardens on Camden Valley Way at Leppington.

Steve was really grateful for the support shown by so many members of the club, and to those who went let me add my appreciation to the thanks Steve gave you on the day. It really helped him. You’ll find a tribute to a wonderful mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend on page 8 of this month’s Pony Express. To Steve and his two children, Alicia and Mat, our heartfelt condolences on your loss.

Those of us who were at Sean and Bernice’s Fish & Chips run learnt of Tammy’s passing just as we were about to set off from Sutherland Leisure Centre. I informed the gathering, and there was an air of disbelief at the news.

The run itself, despite the group’s melancholy mood, was spectacular. We went through the National Park, across the new Sea Cliff Bridge to South Beach, Wollongong (well, we did once those leading realised they had no idea where we were going. But we got there in the end!). From memory there were about 40 Mustangs in the convoy, plus a couple of family cars. People in the towns along the route waved as we passed through. As I said to Karen as we drove along, there’s only one thing better than seeing a convoy of Mustangs go by. And that’s being in one. Great fun and I recommend to anyone who thinks we don’t do enough driving events, come on the next Fish & Chips run. Mark Saturday, 16th February in your

At last month’s meeting we had the first of what we’re hoping will become a fairly regular component of the night: a product demonstration. Once again, the lads from Mother’s showed several of their wares, including some new additions to the
range. I’ve taken some of their advice and purchased a few products and I’m happy to report that the ’02 Cobra Convertible no longer looks like it spent most of its life in a solarium.

I’ll leave it to David Livian to comment in detail on All American Day. Suffice to say; once again he had the weather gods on side. It had rained for the whole week prior, including into the small hours of Sunday morning. But Sunday dawned with promise. In the event we had about 15 minutes of rain in the middle of the day, and that was it. Some of us speculated that David must have run out of virgins to sacrifice, so it’ll be interesting to see how the weather turns out for his next event, the Vineyard Hotel Anniversary Round Up.

As is usual for any event like AAD David has copped some criticism from a small minority – generally those who go along expecting to win a trophy but don’t – but in the main, the event was very well organised and appreciated by most who
attended. What’s important to bear in mind is that it’s a day on which we raise a substantial amount of money for a very worthwhile cause. Those who go along expecting to come away with a trophy, and who then cry foul when they don’t, are missing the point. So thank you, once again, David, Ken Buckland and Bruce Sinclair for your hard work, expertise and dedication in organising and running this major event.

I won’t reiterate what you can read for yourselves in the Events Calendar and in Sean’s and Bernice’s column. We try to make the calendar as relevant to as many people as possible, with a mix of both static and driven events, but if there’s
something you’d particularly like to see on the calendar, drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do. If we don’t take up your suggestion, it’s most likely it’s because there’s not enough interest from other members, or there’s some logistical, financial or practical impediment. But we will consider it. Don’t forget, you can always suggest an event and organise it yourself. Sean and Bernice did that with the first Southern Highlands run. They did such a great job we asked them to be the Events Coordinators.

The growth of our club continues unabated. It’s been great to see new members at events, especially some who’ve been members for a while but who haven’t been to many events. You’re very welcome. A particular welcome to the following who have recently joined the club:

Steven Johnson 84 Convert,
David Maskluk 87 Coupe,
Jim Desbruslais 67 Coupe,
Richard Garland 66 Convert,
Mathew Mavrakis 65 F/Back,
Rob Hunter 66 Coupe,
Dean Le Page 66 Hardtop,
Christopher Scott 66 Coupe,
Ken Wile 66 Coupe,
Adrian Leonard 66 Coupe,
Pasqualino Morelli 69 Convert,
Gordon Robert 67 Coupe.

As always, if there’s anything that I or anyone on the Committee can do to help, don’t hesitate to ask. We do, indeed, care.
Get your ponies on the road and drive safely.
Malcolm McEwen