Presidents Report May 2011

Rain! Rain and rain issues have certainly dominated Mustang activities during the last month. It started with the Royal Easter Show, Showgirl Parade. Darryl and Julie Bleasdale had just driven down from Port Macquarie when a group of us joined them early on Saturday morning in readiness for our short drive to the showground. As we sheltered from a downpour, the call came that the main arena was too wet and the Parade was cancelled. Since we were nearly there, some of us braved the elements and went along to the Show anyway. However, thanks Darryl for putting it all together- too bad that we cannot control the weather. Let‟s hope for better conditions next year. The 2 other Show opportunities for Mustang owners went well, I am told. Bernice McDonagh and Terry Monk were the key people for those events- many thanks.

The All American Day was once again a great success. My sincere thanks to the three gentlemen who, yet again were responsible for making it happen - David Livian, Ken Buckland and Bruce Sinclair. David must have been praying hard because the threatening rain clouds held off and it was only in the late afternoon that the sun reflecting off the concrete started to make the day uncomfortably hot.

Thanks also to all of the many members who helped out on the day- the folk on the gate, the people directing cars, (especially those on the blunt end of abuse from the Fitness First attendees), the judges, and our intrepid retailers- Keith and Mario! The gate takings were $5,800.00 and Secretary/Treasurer Caz need to balance out the accounts, pay the outgoings and get all the sponsorship funds on board prior to the Committee making the announcement of the amount of our donation to the Westmead Children’s Hospital Oncology Unit for 2011.

It looks as though we will have a good collection of Mustangs heading down the Hume towards Canberra on Saturday, the 26th February to support our friends in the ACT with their big car show the following day. Warwick Elliot phoned the bakery in Collector to reserve space, but it will be closed for the month for renovations! No problem, we will stop first at Marulan for a break. Then head straight to Dickson for lunch, meet up with our Canberra friends, and do a little tour around the capital prior to checking in at the Pavilion Hotel.

Unfortunately I will miss Norm and Rob’s Event at the Entrance on the 13th as I will be back in Germany, home again just a few hours prior to our February meeting. Best wishes for the day at this great location on our magnificent Central Coast.

Now back to a topic from my report last month - the Forum. I was pleased to receive a number of calls in support of the Committee’s position on setting standards for the Forum. As far as we are concerned the Forum should be able to be read by any Club Member, his grandmother or his grandchild. It is a place for communicating knowledge and a place for communicating news about past or future Club events. Our Events Team is using it more and more to showcase flyers and photos. There is a commitment from the National Body to invest in and significantly improve the Club’s Website and Forum over the coming 12 months.

Finally, Australia Day. Fifteen of us were lucky to receive Motorfest tickets and were able to represent our club and be part of this huge annual NRMA Event in Macquarie St. The usual chaotic parking delays were sorted and for the first time in my many years of attendance, getting the cars on display was stress free. Our spot this year was in front of the doors to the Cathedral beneath a brand new statue of Mary McKillop! Ace had to behave himself as he sat under her watchful eyes. There are always lots of things to see and do in the city and the day soon passed, even though it was becoming extremely hot prior to 5PM with the afternoon sun focused directly onto our spot. I find that there are always lots of interesting people that stop for a chat - one guy has owned a 1966 Mustang for 16 years. He purchased it when he was working in California as his daily driver. He then took it to Britain for years, and now uses the car regularly in Sydney. He told me about his collection of interesting vehicles and bits and pieces including the original drawings of Sir Malcolm Campbell’s Bluebird, the historic World Land Speed Record car. I encouraged him to join our Club and share some of his treasures with us all. Another man had his 1910 Detroit Electric car on display with the veteran vehicles. It turns out that he has a collection of steam cars- a couple of Stanleys, a Locomobile, and the most collectable steamer of all, a Doble. Having grown up around and intrigued by a vintage Stanley 50 years ago in Auckland, I was very impressed.

A very warm welcome to all of our new members. We will look forward to seeing you out on the various Club activities enjoying your Mustang.

David Franci