Presidents Report January 2008


Welcome to 2008.

The New Year has been ushered in with spectacular style. Karen, Cameron and I were fortunate to witness the dramatic Sydney Harbour fireworks from the vantage point of Taronga Park Zoo. It’s years since Karen and I watched the fireworks (other than on the telly) and Cameron’s first time, so it was quite a night. Alex isn’t really into late nights, loud noise and revelling, so she stayed with her grandparents.

The weather, too, has been terrific – real “Mustang Days” – and I’ve seen a few ponies on the road taking advantage of the sunshine and the relatively mild temperatures. Here’s hoping such a spectacular start to the year augurs well for the club.

The committee is working hard to make sure that 2008 is a great year, and by the time you read this it should have kicked off with one of Sean and Bernice’s Fish & Chips by the Beach runs, on Saturday, 12 January. I say “should have” because it’s still tentative at this stage, but from all accounts these are great fun, and include a drive along some wonderfully scenic coastline, great company and a bite to eat. Hopefully they’ll become a regular activity in the daylight saving months.

Then, of course, it’s on to our “official” opening event, and one of the biggest of our events calendar, the annual All American Day at Castle Towers Shopping Centre, Castle Hill. If you’re a new member or haven’t been to an AAD before, treat yourself and get close to some of the best American iron you’re likely to see anywhere.

We’ll bring you details as plans are firmed up, but we’re hoping to have guest speakers, product
demonstrations and other presentations at the monthly meetings, and, as we’ve already said, more and a greater variety of events, especially those relating to driving the cars.

I’ll keep it short this month, so that’s all from me for now. No new member information this month; we’ll double up in the next magazine.

From everyone on the committee, have a wonderful 2008.
Get your ponies on the road and drive safely.

Malcolm McEwen