Presidents Report July 2010

Greetings to you all! My sincere thanks for trusting me, for a second time, with the honour of being President of our Club.

Firstly, I would like to sincerely thank both the retiring President, David Livian and Vice President, Sean McDonough for their leadership and work over the term of their office and we all look forward to seeing these capable guys back on the Committee at a date in the future.

They both have a huge passion for Mustangs and their contribution to the Club past and present will continue to be very significant.

Welcome back to all of the Committee Members who have again volunteered their time to the Club and a special welcome to our new Vice President Melanie.

It is rather strange- being elected to this job while at the other side of the World! Jeanette and I are, at the time of writing this report, on vacation in Europe with fellow club members Joy and Norm Moore. Every day, Norm proudly wears one of his Mustang Owners Club shirts and his Club cap. This is the longest holiday any of the 4 of us has ever taken, so it will be a big shock when life returns to normal back in NSW in a few weeks time and it is back to work for Jeanette and I.

Mustangs in Europe are few and far between, and when one is spotted it is a cause of much excitement. A 2008 GT pulled into a roadside stop in the middle of Italy a week ago, and off went Norm like a rocket for a chat with the enthusiastic Italian owner who spoke next to no English. With the Mustang as their common denominator, they understood each other. Another was spotted, a 2010 blue convertible, sitting in pride of place and looking very much in place, right outside the Grand Casino in Monaco. It was completely surrounded by exotic machinery such as numerous RRs, Astons, Jags, and Maseratis. Sometime later we stopped in an Austrian town near the Italian boarder and noticed a Ferrari was stopping for us at a crossing. We had a second look and it was followed by another 20! It appears that we were at a stopover for an exotic sports car club. A (trade) display had been set up outside the hotel - 5 brand new Lamborghinis, average price each, 265,000 Euros. The list went on and on- a stunning new Gull Wing, dozens of Lambos and Ferraris, a few Corvettes and a couple of Mustangs including Norm's mate with the 2008 GT from that Italian roadside stop. Then along came a Zonda- what a car!

As I am out of the everyday management of the Club until our return to Sydney, it is impossible to comment on the everyday issues- there will be plenty of that in the future.

For the newer members, just a few lines about Jeanette and me. We bought our first Mustang 19 years ago while living in Melbourne and immediately joined the Mustang Owners Club (Vic) Inc. We were fortunate to meet a group of Sydney members when we attended our first Nationals in Adelaide, so when we moved back to Sydney, over 15 years ago, we already knew people in the Club. Some 3 years ago we moved out of Ryde and nowadays home for us is 100 km north of Hornsby- on Lake Macquarie. We both still work in Sydney, so stay in town from Monday to Friday. Our garage is home to some old British vehicles as well as 2 much loved Mustangs- a 66 convertible and a 65 K code fastback. Recently they were joined by a 02 Cobra convertible which we are still getting to know. It's a long time since K code has been out and about- I need to get my act together and get it finished and back on the road once again.

A very warm welcome to our new members. Please be sure to make yourselves known to any committee member or feel free to call me.

David Francis

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