Presidents Report July 2008

Well here I am again, in the driver’s seat.

As I said in my acceptance speech following a long and hard campaign trail I am happy to hold the President’s position for 1, 2 or 3 years, but would be just as happy to see someone step up and have a go on the committee with the aim in mind to depose me.

We have a great and highly respected club here and it is due to the enthusiastic members within and I am proud to have served on the committee to do my part in making it so.

The Mustang Club has been a big part of my life for the past 23 years, with all but 3 of those years on the committee.
(Hey, where’s my 20 year badge for that!!!) At 48 this year that is big chunk of my life!!!

In the early days I went along to nearly every event we were invited to…and a few we weren’t.
I remember going to my first meeting at The Parramatta Club in 1986 with Eddie Hadley and when I was asked to stand up and introduce myself by then President, Bob Williamson, they were so happy to have another convertible join to provide 12 for the driver’s parade at Bathurst. At the last parade I organised a few years ago we had 55 Convertibles there!!!

I remember being asked to bring a few of my Mustangs along to the All Ford Day in 1988 and 1989 to make up the numbers, 25 or so from memory. Now we get 60 to 80 tickets and still turn away entrants!

Over the years though priorities change and along came a wife, my own business and the family.
I have 2 boys who are star goalies with the Enfield Rovers; I am competing in 1 State and 1 Multi Club Supersprint Championship in my 66 Fastback and also try to compete in a few Classic Rallies a year as well as Hill Climb and miscellaneous Motorsport events and in my spare time do a bit of work for my company.

I am editor of the magazine for my CAMS affiliated motorsport club, Southern Sporting Car Club, MOCA (NSW) Council of Motor Club delegate with Ken Buckland and was MOCA (NSW) National Delegate with Eddie until last month.

Yes, I have a very understanding wife and every second Tuesday when I see her I tell her that!

The rewards are great. Seeing so many members enjoy the camaraderie at a meeting or run, the smiles on their face when a 3 year restoration nets them a trophy, or just cruising down the road on the way to wherever, makes it all worthwhile.

It couldn’t happen without the committee. It would be very easy to sit back and say ‘I am too busy’. We all are.
So ‘thank you’ to all to the past committee members who have contributed to this great club, and ‘thank you’ to all the new committee members who, even though they are very busy in their own way, have stepped up to contribute to the future of this club.

Welcome to the following new members (I see some potential office bearers in there…..):
Tony Attard 65 coupe
Tony Herbert 67 coupe
Adrien Whiddett 66 coupe
Steve Smith 67 coupe
Ed Gilmore 66 coupe
Jimmy Cvetanovski 66 fastback
Jonathan Stack 69 convertible
Clarke Montagu 66 fastback
Andrew Lia 66 coupe
Robert Nichols 69 fastback
Brett Williams 70 fastback
Kerry Ratcliffe 66 Fastback
Edward Selman 66 fastback
Yann Coiffet 67 Shelby

David Livian