Presidents Report June 2009

Yes, it's that's time of year again.

Get your financials in order for the taxman……………Oh, and the Mustang Club AGM.

It seems that you must be happy with the job we are doing as all committee positions are uncontested.

The only change is that Kathryn and Darren Sloan are going to hand the Editors job back to Peter Dunlop.
It was most appreciated that they stepped up when Peter had to resign and they carried on the task admirably but work commitments for Darren have changed and they found themselves running out of tim

Peter has had a well deserved break and will step back in to a position he knows and does well.

I also have to thank Phil Preston who, although no longer officially on the committee, has been a tremendous help in producing the magazine in between Peter and Kathryn's stints, monitoring the website and sending out all those informative emails to members to keep them up to date.

We may consider creating a position for him, Media Manager maybe, and double his salary!

From all of us on the committee and the general membership, thank you Phil.

And to the rest of the committee, you have made the past year a delight.

There are many new faces on the committee and with them came new ideas and I look forward to again working with them in my last year as President.

By the time you read this the 45th Anniversary has been and gone and if not postponed we would have many photos and stories about it in this issue.

I have found that if the days leading up to a show are inclement attendance will be poor, even if the actual day is fine, and that storm looked like it was going to be around for a while.
I made the decision at 11am on the Friday to give Phil Preston enough time to send out an email to as many members as possible.
Some had work email addresses so this way they would have received it in time.

We had too much in place, and at a fair cost, to risk it for a small attendance so the decision was made early to avoid confusion and let the sponsors, vendors and entertainment know to enable them to make alternate arrangements.

We also have the Events Hotline phone number 0424613634 that has been advertised in the magazine with an outgoing message service for last minute notices for this very circumstance.

Sorry if you drove out there but at least you had an extra day of driving your Mustang.

We now look forward to this event on the 14th of June.

On Monday May 25 Ken Buckland and I attended the CMC meeting as delegates of the Mustang Club and picked up 40 tickets for the CMC Shannons Eastern Creek Classic.

They will be available from the events coordinator team at the next meeting at a cost of $10 each.
To date, 3 months out from the event, the CMC have issued 1740 tickets so this will be a great show with a huge variety of vehicles on display and circulating around the track.

Some of the clubs in attendance also spoke favourably of the new Motor Life Museum in Wollongong so we will have to organise a run there too.

The CMC is also working on a scheme for HCRS (Club Plate) vehicles to get a discount on NRMA Road Service as these vehicles are used less often, although the old cars are probably more likely to require it. Not Mustangs of course, I was thinking of ……………. (No David, keep it to yourself)

Welcome to all the new members and there are many events on the calendar, even through Winter, to bring out your pride and joy, and your Mustang, and meet the other club members.

Enjoy those Mustangs,