Presidents Report June 2010

Well here it is, my last President’s Report. (Stop cheering!)

Like John Howards reign as PM, Oprah’s show on telly or Michael Clarke’s engagement to Lara Bingle all good things must come to an end and my 3 year tenure has also come to an end, for the 3rd time.

After 21 years on the committee I will now have to find a seat facing the front table at general meetings.

At this stage there may not be a President’s report next month because we do not have a nomination for the Top Job as yet

Melanie Taylor has stepped up to be our first ever lady VP and with her enthusiasm I know she will do well.

The rest of the committee will stand again for their respective positions and I hope at the upcoming AGM the right member will step up to lead them.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the various committee members over the past 21 years and together we have achieved a great deal.

The latest group has brought their individual ideas to the club from interesting and varied runs by the Events Co-ordinators team to a new range of regalia by Keith Speer.
The magazine has progressed with every edition and with a great deal of assistance by Phil Preston, Peter Dunlop and Peter Cooke we have finalised the CRS-H as well as the new club Constitution which will hopefully be ratified at this AGM.

I would also like to acknowledge past President, Malcolm McEwen, for getting the ball rolling with revising the Constitution.

Eddie and Sean always represent our state’s best interests at the National Delegates meeting while Cas and Phil Nicholson keep the financials up to date and handle many of the day to day enquiries of members.

This doesn’t mean I’ll be sitting back watching “Desperate Housewives” with a box of chocolates on my belly.

Of course I am happy to continue to be CMC Delegate with Ken Buckland and organise the All American Day and Anniversary Round Up at the Vineyard Hotel if the committee wishes me to do so.

I am also Vice President and Editor of the Southern Sporting Car Club and at this point in time leading their club racing championship.

Heather and I are also on the committee of the Concord Comets Baseball Club, and we still play and coach baseball. I am also the Road Safety Officer at Luke’s primary school so our lives are certainly full.

Finally I would like to thank my wonderful wife, Heather, for all her support and understanding.

When we met I was already heavily involved in the club and she joined me on nearly all of my trips and shows. She has driven, and enjoyed driving, all of my Mustangs and now races with me.

She’s been there at 6am at countless All American Day’s collecting money with Vandra Buckland and Jan Bryant, she tolerated me wanting to bring Jordan home from hospital in our 1969 Boss 302 (apparently not the most comfortable ride for one who had just given birth) and turned a blind eye to the cabinets full of Mustangs toys not intended for the boys to play with.

Even when the boys, now 13 and 9, became involved with sport or their own social life we still managed things so I could be with the club and Heather and the boys joined me later.

I am 50 years old this September and have been a member for 24 years; bugger me, that’s half my life involved with Mustangs and Mustang people......and I have enjoyed every minute of it!!!

P.S. On the back of the address label this month you will find details of your membership. Please update if necessary and return with your membership fees or email the Secretary that details are unchanged or changed.

Enjoy those Mustangs,

David Livia

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