Presidents Report June 2011

Having commenced my report last month with the words rain, rain, rain, it came as a welcome change that Norm and Rob's American Muscle Car Day at The Entrance was held on a perfect autumn day. What an excellent roll up of vehicles! Brenda and Warwick Elliot from Canberra made a weekend of it and it was good to see long term member Ian, down from Glen Innes with the unique tear drop caravan hitched up to his black coupe, and as always, flying his signature fox tail on the antenna.

Well done to Norm and Rob and sincere thanks to those members who headed to this beautiful venue. Norm is now currently in the USA with a few of his mates doing something he loves, speedway, in the heartland of America. Rob tells me that this year's Muscle Car Day was their most successful to date with 130 cars on show and with $1,700 now ready for donation to the North Entrance Special School.

Our June general meeting will be followed by the annual general meeting. All of the current committee members will be re-standing for the 2011-2012 year. There are no further nominations for committee so it is not necessary at this year's AGM to hold an election. I would like to sincerely thank each and every committee member for again volunteering their time to our club. They are all busy people in their home and professional lives, but succeed in organizing themselves around the activities of the club. I feel privileged to be working with this talented and enthusiastic group.

Now, a happy story about member Bill Daffo and his progress. Recently I told you that Bill's 1968 big block convertible Mustang was being prepared under Colin Broadbent's supervision with hand controls enabling Bill to manage throttle and brakes. Bill is now on the road, happily behind the wheel of a Mustang again for the first time in years and loving it! Bill, we look forward to seeing you driving your unique Mustang at the Nationals in Newcastle next Easter! (See article on page 37 – Editor).

The ladies responsible for the functions at the 2012 Nationals, Brenda Elliott, Colleen White, and Raelein Woodbury recently accompanied Jeanette and I to The Executive Inn and Wests to see the venue. The Function Manager, Samantha Olsen, came in especially to meet with them and to discuss their special requirements for the 3 evening functions. The ladies were all very impressed and happily surprised with the club and its facilities. Our sound and lighting man for the evening will be member Hazel and John Tillman's son, Anthony! We also visited a number of rooms in The Executive, and once again the team was impressed. I would like to
June 2011

encourage members to complete both entry forms and then send one to the MOCA postal address and the other to The Executive Inn. Just recapping, there are two forms, one that comes back to the Club for Helen Lynch to look after with the function details and vehicle entry details, and the other for the Executive Inn for your accommodation requests. Terrace Spa rooms are nearly all committed. The hotel has quite a number of room bookings but at this time Helen has only one entry on her file, mine!

I thought that I would share with you my experience from last week working in NZ, visiting my company's retail stores. The one that I was unable to visit was the Christchurch store which is in part of the downtown area that is sealed off because it is still unsafe. The structure which houses the store is scheduled for demolition along with 900 other buildings. The stories coming out of Christchurch every day are very sad. This is the second biggest city in NZ and it is crippled. Most people involved in retail have not worked since February- some are fortunate to be working for a business with Continuity Insurance. It is pulling the economy of the nation down. It is difficult to get the place moving forward while it is still shaking every day. The plight of Christchurch has been overshadowed by Japan‟s problems, and it came as a shock to me talking to the people whose lives will never be the same in this, the safest of all cities.

A very warm welcome to all of our new members. We will look forward to seeing you out on the various Club activities enjoying your Mustang.

David Francis