Presidents Report June 2008

And so to my last report as President of your club.

It's been an honour and a privilege to have served for the last two years. I've very much enjoyed the role, and many times over the last few months since I made the decision not to re-stand I've wondered whether or not I was doing the right thing. Under the Constitution I could have remained for another year. But several things influenced my decision.

Firstly, my family. I'm involved in several other organisations and most have meetings at least twice a month, so I haven't been spending the time at home that I should have. I'm going to give away a few of my other commitments and that will free me up to spend more time with the family, especially on weeknights.

Secondly, this is an exceptionally busy year work wise and that's going to have to be my main priority. Thirdly, and quite possibly most importantly, in David Livian you have someone not only highly capable, but also keen to return to the President's role. David's unwavering desire to continue contributing to the club, combined with proven competence in the role, gave me the confidence that I'd be leaving you in a very safe pair of hands.

That brings me to the Committee. It looks as though all roles but the Stock Controller's have been filled. David Livian, you know, will be President. David Francis has agreed to return to the Committee as Vice President. I'm personally thrilled that David has accepted the nomination and I'm very grateful to him for doing so. Peter Dunlop remains as Magazine Editor but Peter (and Pam) Cooke will replace Phil Preston as Licence Captain/Membership Officer. Eddie stays on as National Delegate (and CFC delegate) but picks up the website role. Sean McDonagh will replace David Livian as our second National Delegate. Wayne Byrne and John Chapman have offered to share the Events Coordinator's role and the always reliable Cas Nicholson will stay on as Secretary/Treasurer (ably assisted by Phil).

My thanks go to everybody on the Committee as does my gratitude for their support over the last two years. I'd especially like to thank our outgoing Committee members, Phil Preston, Bernice McDonagh and Dennis and Sue Lean. The club wouldn't be what it is without the time and effort that all these people put into it.

Please come to the AGM. David Francis will be chairing that part of the meeting, before handing the reins to David Livian. It'll be a special night, with several recognition awards to be presented to members who've given outstanding service to the club over a long period of time.

Please welcome the following new members:
Ted Taylor 66 coupe
Robert Comitogignni 65 fastback
Russell Moffat 65 coupe
Lee Kirkwood 65 convertible
65 fastback
Craig Hawkins TBA
Maden Stojanovic 65 coupe
Neill Batchelor 07 fastback GT 500
Mathew Hickey 67 fastback
Ivan Barrow 67 coupe
Glen Gibbs 65 coupe
Sam Kafeouny 66 fastback
Kylie Celea 67 convertible

Don't hesitate to contact any Committee member if you need help with anything.

Get your ponies on the road and drive safely. See you at the AGM, and thanks for being such a great bunch of people. It's been fun!

Malcolm McEwen