Presidents Report March 2008

We saw the movie, The Bucket List, recently. 

Peter Dunlop can add another “Movie Mustang” to the list published in last month’s Pony Express: the red ’65 GT 350 used in this film. 

I won’t give too much away, but if you see it, keep your eyes peeled for the Morgan Freeman character’s bedside reading material.  He proves not to be the car lover he claims to be, but I’ll leave that for you to see. 

I announced several Committee vacancies at last month’s meeting.  Unlike last year, when the National Delegate roles weren’t up for election, this year every role is available.  The definite vacancies will be President and Stock Controller.  If you’d like to have a crack at either, or at any role, get yourself nominated.  Nomination forms are included with this month’s magazine.

February played host to several outings, including the regular, must-do-at-least-once Fish & Chips Run to Wollongong. There was also American Car Sunday at Pittwater Rugby Park on the 24th.  It was a beautiful day but unfortunately kids’ sporting obligations prevented me from going.  Judging by the cars I saw on their way to the event there must have been some fabulous vehicles on display.March is shaping up to be a huge month. I won’t reiterate what you’ve probably read in the magazine and on the website; suffice to say you can get your Pony out on just about every weekend for events that stretch from Bulahdelah to Wentworth Falls, Dubbo and WA, including two at the Royal Easter Show.  I draw your attention to David Francis’ nomination of Dennis Lean for Life Membership of the Club.  Over recent years Dennis and Sue have been the backbone of the Club as far as merchandise is concerned.  Please read David’s article.  I’m sure the accolades will embarrass such a modest man, but never a truer word was written.  Thanks very much to David for penning the article and nominating Dennis.  A short report from me this month, but get out and enjoy your ponies.  We’ve had some fabulous weekend weather, despite the heavy rain we seem to get mid week.  Much better than a summer I remember in the late ‘80’s, when the weather during the week was great but it rained on almost every weekend.  Welcome to the following new members:Bruno Pelle 66 coupe
Greg Wells 07 convert
Shaun Ian Campbell 65 coupe
Chris Vrontas 68 convert
Stephen Sculthorpe 69 Conv, 66 coupe
Peter McCaffrey 65 coupe
Correction to David Masluk 67 coupeIf there’s anything that I or any Committee member can do to help, don’t hesitate to ask.See you on the road!

Malcolm McEwen