Presidents Report March 2011

have just returned from Canberra, having spent a memorable weekend with excellent hosts, our ACT Members. Twelve Mustangs with Eddie’s bright orange XR6 leading the group, headed off down the Hume in perfect touring weather on Saturday morning. Our Canberra hosts, in their Mustangs, were waiting on the Federal Hwy to meet us near Collector prior to escorting us to a safe parking area in the suburb of Dickson where we had lunch. It was great to have a combination of long term members as well as some new members on the day. It gave the new members the opportunity to not only get to know people in the club, but also to broaden their knowledge about Mustangs. Warwick Elliot organized a brief cruise around the Federal Capital including a tour, with his commentary, around the magnificent grounds of the Royal Military College, Duntroon, the place where he had spent years during his misguided youth! I owe him that after his throw away comments made on the tour about air force officers (me)! John Bailey’s Ferrari mates joined us for dinner that evening, making a big happy group at the local football club.

The car show was a huge success, in spite of the weather becoming quite threatening as the day went on. Many thanks to the Canberra Group and in particular their leader for the weekend, Ian Jackson, for organizing the event in a professional manner and many thanks to all the Sydney and NSW Country people who headed to Canberra for the weekend, or indeed especially for the car show on the Sunday. I continue to be proud to be part of a Club that supports its events so actively. There were many awards on offer and the Sydney region did extremely well, heading back up the Hume in the afternoon with a total of 10 awards! This list will be published separately; however, special mention must be made of 2 vehicles and their proud owners, who really cleaned up. Sam Kafrouny won 3 trophies with his beautiful turquoise Concours Original ‘65 Fastback and new member Joe Capizzi won 4 trophies with his stunning modified ‘69 coupe. If you missed Joe’s car at the AAD you will be amazed when you see it. Joe’s attention to detail is exceptional.

Mid Month, Cas Nicholson hands over her Treasurer’s duty to Phil Preston prior to her heading off with husband Phil and the Matthews family to the USA. Before he accepted the Club’s books and the responsibility that goes with them, Phil Preston completed an audit of past years. He reports that everything is perfectly in order and gives Cas a 10 out of 10 score! On behalf of the committee and members, I would like to thank Cas for volunteering for this job nearly 5 years ago, soldiering on with it each subsequent year, and now handing it over in a professional manner. Well done Cas. For the final 3 months of our financial year, Pam Cooke will step into the Secretarial position. My thanks to Pam.

Talking about the end of the year- this issue of the Pony Express has a Committee Nomination Form in it. All positions will be declared vacant with the exception of the National Delegates. If you are interested in becoming part of the Club’s management- get yourself nominated and seconded! Most Committee members are putting up their hands to run again. Karen and Wayne Byrne are stepping down after nearly 4 years as very active partners in the Events Team. Sincere thanks to Karen and Wayne for a great job, done with passion. I hope that they enjoy a well deserved rest and perhaps we will see them again in the future back on Committee. Fortunately, Doreen and John Chapman have offered to continue- however, they would appreciate a couple volunteering to join them on Team Events to assist with managing the club’s program of events.

The Club has held its annual fees stable at $50 for many years. Unlike many car clubs, we have never entertained the idea of having a joining fee for new members. Costs have spiralled upwards over the years; the Pony Express can cost nearly $3,000 per month to print and post out to all members. We have a serious financial commitment to the upfront fees for the Nationals in 2012. It is planned that the event itself will actually return a small profit by its conclusion. All of this preamble means is that this year the Annual Club fees for the 2011-2012 year will contain a modest $10 increase to $60.
David Livian has organized Anne McFadden from the fundraising team at the Westmead Children’s Hospital to be in attendance at our March meeting. She will be presented with our Club cheque for $6,000, our donation to the Hospital’s Oncology Unit from monies collected at the All American Day, 2010.

Also, to keep you all in the picture regarding the donations made to the Queensland floods at this year’s AAD. Donations amounted to $333.00 on the day and then we added the February raffle contribution. An amount of $600.00 is now set aside and will be donated to one of the established flood funds.

I regret that I will not be at the March Meeting. Jeanette and I are taking my Dad to Lord Howe Island for a few days, our present for his 90th Birthday! Please accept my apologies. I trust that VP Melanie can be there to take the chair.

For those who plan ahead, I have booked the Holroyd Gardens for the Mustang Muster and State Concours for Sunday, 11th September.

Finally, Bernice McDonagh arrived in Canberra with her left arm and hand seriously bandaged. Bernice had slipped and fallen through plate glass and has sustained serious cuts and nerve damage. The complete recovery from this injury will be a long slow process. Our best wishes and thoughts to Bernice and her family during the recovery time ahead.

A very warm welcome to all of our new Members. We will look forward to seeing you out on the various Club activities enjoying your Mustang.

David Francis