Presidents Report November 2007

A pretty short President's Report this month.

Several members have raised some important issues with the Committee. One is the declining attendances at the monthly meetings; the other is the amount of money we have in the bank and what should be done with it. We've had varying suggestions as to what to do with the funds (currently standing at a bit over $60,000, but with a donation of about $8,000 to go to the oncology unit at Westmead Children's Hospital). We've decided that we should survey members about both issues - how to make the meetings more relevant/interesting/less procedural, and what to do with the money.

Despite the declining attendances, I believe that the monthly meetings are an opportunity for members to see their friends at least once a month, so the procedure is sometimes less important than the coming together. That's the reason I decided to have a break in the last meeting, despite the fact that we were running well for time. It's the main time people get to chat to each other, and I didn't want to deny members that opportunity.

One of the ideas we came up with at the Committee - and one we're sure will score highly on the survey, when it comes out - was to get some Ford drivers along to address the meetings. The problem, of course, is that most are based in Melbourne. David Livian does have contact with some of them, and is pursuing those to see if we can get one or two up here to speak to us. If and when that happens, I hope we can fill the auditorium. They're professionals, so they don't usually do things for free, but we'll play the Blue Oval card and hopefully they'll be kind to us. No promises, but we're working on it. Any help any member can give us to make that happen would be much appreciated.

Phil Nicholson suggested a display of members' models and/or other toys (no, the small kind, not the kind that gives you membership of the club!). Sounds like there are some pretty amazing dioramas and other such wonders in some members' hands, so that's something I'd like to see happen too.Anyway, we'll put those issues to you, the full membership, so you can have your say. Once we have your feedback we'll publish the results and table them for discussion at the next general meeting. And we'll make sure this is the club you want it to be.

Saturday 8 December is a Cruise Night to Hungry Jack's at Leumeah and the Christmas Party is on 9 December at Yarra Bay, same place as last year. The food's being catered and paid for by the club, but in the interests of kids' health (and not wanting to get into trouble from mums and dads for providing the temptation) we'd ask you to bring your own drinks (see events calendar for ticket details - Editor).

Don't forget the December meeting is on Tuesday the 11th, not Wednesday the 19th. David Livian will be our auctioneer for the night, so bring your chequebooks. There's always something interesting to be had on the night.

I said it would be short, so that's it from me. Welcome to the following new members:

Vince Briganti 66 fastback
Wayne DeMarco 65 fastback
Brian Woodward 69 convertible
Frank Englezos 66 coupe
Michael O'Donnell 71 fastback
Paul Koutouridis 641/2 coupe
Martin Attard TBA

Please don't hesitate to contact any Committee member if there's anything we can assist you with.See you at the meeting and on the road! Drive safely and stay well.

Malcolm McEwen