Presidents Report November 2010

Congratulations to the owners of the magnificent Mustangs that earned gold and silver awards in our State Concours back in September. More and more superb vehicles appear every year. When the judges finished summarizing their tally sheets, the car with the highest points on the day was Sam Kafrouny's 1966 Emberglo Fastback. Well done Sam!

Even though we do not own a Boss Mustang, Jeanette and I took our Cobra North to Port Macquarie to be part of the Boss Nationals. As we headed up the Pacific Highway, the weather went from very ordinary to fine and we arrived to find the Port bathed in beautiful sunshine. It was a great weekend, organized down to the fine details by Bernice and Sean. Special US guest, George Follmer was an interesting speaker, having extensively raced for years in many categories of motorsport- Tran-Am, Can-Am, and proudly told us that he achieved podium finishes in Formula One. He recalled his stories of racing the mighty Bosses with his mate Parnelli Jones for the Ford Motor Co in the late 1960s and early 1970s

Then there was Kevin Marti from Arizona with his great bank of knowledge and expertise about the Mustang and other Ford products.

Colin Broadbent had assisted our long term member and friend, Bill Daffo, prepare 2 of his Bosses (they haven't been out for years) especially for this event. Unfortunately, Bill didn't make it to Port Macquarie. As many of you are aware he has been wheelchair bound over recent years, and a few weeks ago fell from his chair. He is currently in John Hunter Hospital with broken legs. Our best wishes to Bill for his recovery- it will certainly lift his spirits knowing that one of his Bosses went gold and the other went silver at Concours.

The Boss vehicles themselves were all fantastic. We stood in amazement watching the massive race car transporter from Melbourne unloading and then later loading the two race Mustangs belonging to Gavin Bullas and Chris Stillwell. After many years of careful preparation, John Burton's impeccable Grabber Blue 1970 Boss 302 finally emerged from it's shed. It is a significant achievement! To close the chapter, once again I would like to thank the McDonaghs for coming up with the idea for this event and then making it happen.

Thank you to all members who supported Penny Moody and turned up to the Lugarno Spring Fair. Penny reported that it was yet again a successful day when she presented the „Best Car Club Display trophy back to the Club. Big thanks too to all involved with the display gates and accessories that needed to be transported to and from the venue.

With only weeks until Christmas, we are now in final preparation for our Club's Christmas luncheon and Mustang Car Show at Club Umina on Sunday, 28th November. I really ask for your support. Please make the effort to travel 40 minutes from Hornsby North up the F3 to this great spot on the beach. Club Umina is putting a huge effort into the promotion of the show to the local community. There will be trophies awarded by the club's manager for his choice from various Mustang models. The BBQ lunch is free, supplied by Club Umina, and paid from MOCA funds. Santa will make an appearance too, so bring along gifts for Santa to present to your children. To ensure you have your free lunch, it is necessary to register with either the Byrnes or the Chapman families. We will be giving you a voucher for lunch.

There is little that I can tell you at this time about the Nationals in 2012 except, behind the scenes we are still moving forward with the preparations. Venues and key sponsors are locked in. The logo is being developed. Ideas for the Saturday night theme function are underway. Merchandise is being discussed, and material assembled for the big presentation at the 2011 Nationals on the Gold Coast next Easter.

Finally, Norm Moore was telling me that he was recently invited to attend a function at the Glendale Special School. You will recall that the money collected at our Entrance event by Norm and Rob Taylor was topped up by our Club and donated to the school for special needs children, its near The Entrance. Our money built an extraordinary swing for the playground. It brought a tear to Norm's eye seeing the huge smile on the face of a little girl as she rode on this new swing for the first time. Schools such as this have minimal government funding. It is uplifting to know that each of us in the Mustang Owners Club has been able in a small way to make a positive difference to the Glendale School and to its students.

A very warm welcome to all of our new members. We will look forward to seeing you out on the various club activities enjoying your Mustang.

David Francis

Welcome to our new members -
Don Bailey 65 coupe, Greg Cumberland 68 coupe
Janet Stack 65 coupe, Michael Ambrosus 65 coupe
Mark Brunel 67 coupe, Reg Webster 66 coupe
Frank Cariguano, Peter Wilcox 68 convertible
Grant Muirhead TBA, Bernie Borger 66 coupe

We hope to see you at a Club meeting or run soon. If you are attending for the first time, please make yourself known to one of our friendly bunch.

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