Presidents Report October 2008

I have said on many occasions that we can control many things about an event but the weather is not one of them.

Unfortunately this was painfully true of the Merrylands Muster and State Concours scheduled for September 14.

David Francis, who was organizing proceedings on the day, had the unenviable task of informing the 20 or so participants who had already turned up to go home and to advise many other members, vendors and sponsors that it was postponed.

We have always felt it is better to postpone an event if the weather was very bad and hold it to full effect at a later date than to persevere with a greatly reduced participation and enjoyment level.

There is also the fact that if we accidentally made a mess of the grounds we may not be able to use them again. Fortunately we haven’t had to make that call too often and I thank David, Eddie, the sponsors and all who turned up in the dreadful weather for their efforts.

I was supposed to be racing at Oran Park that weekend and following scrutineering the event was cancelled before we even turned a wheel due to the excessive standing water on the track. The new date for this event will be November 30.

Now, the club is going strong with well over 600 members and a healthy bank balance. We have more events on offer than we know what to do with and an enthusiastic committee with new members offering new ideas, yet we have been unable to fill the position of stock controller.

In my 20 years on the committee we haven’t had a position go unfilled for this long even though the club is enjoying its consistently highest membership since ever. Sure, we are all busy, and it’s easy to come up with reasons why we can’t do it.

The committee has explained the job and the fact that who ever takes it on will not be left to work it out on their own. The stock trailer will soon have a new home at the Merrylands RSL with the stock stored at my warehouse in Smithfield, so the excuse of “I have nowhere to put it” is gone.

Sure you will need a towbar to get the trailer out to the 4 or 5 events a year it goes to, but when there we always have a few members offer to help in manning (womanning?) the stock tables so it’s not as if you would be stuck there all show.

Please give it some thought and contact the committee if you are interested because the stock will not be available until we have a stock controller.

Welcome to the following new potential stock controller members:
Sam Palmiotto 1968 Coupe
John Aspinall 1967 Coupe
Tim Jameson 1969 Sportsroof
Pierre Mansour TBA
J L Lewis 1964 ½ Coupe

Enjoy those Mustangs,
David Livian