Presidents Report October 2009

September has been a huge month and there are no excuses for not taking your Pony out to enjoy the sunshine. Saturday the 5th was the inaugural "Legends Dinner" at Eastern Creek which Heather and I attended and enjoyed Fred Gibson, Jim Richards, Colin Bond and Harry Firth recounting stories of the good 'ole days of motorsport. That night was actually our 14th wedding anniversary so where better to celebrate than Eastern Creek?

Sunday the 6th saw another great Muscle Car Masters event held at Eastern Creek and I took the 66 Fastback for a few laps in the Heritage Hot Laps class while about 15 other Mustang members enjoyed the event by displaying their steeds just down from Turn 12.

The next weekend saw the Fastback getting a more serious flogging around Oran Park South circuit in the SSCC Super Sprint Series. With Oran Park closing at the end of January we are taking every opportunity to race there.

The following weekend was the popular Lugarno show and the Burwood Spring Festival. This year we took the Boss and the Shelby to the Burwood Spring Fair as it is around the corner from home and one of the organisers is our son, Jordan's, swimming coach so we wanted to support it.

The next weekend the Fastback had another run around Oran Park's Grand Prix circuit with the NSWRRC Event on the Saturday followed by an Observational Rally to the Burrawang Valley with the SSCC in the convertible along with the whole family. It was also my birthday and we celebrated with a win.

So in the last month all my Mustangs had a trot and yours can too with the huge variety of events put on by the club.
A popular event coming up is the run to the Umina RSL on the Central Coast on November 1. It is a sub-club of the Merrylands RSL and we would appreciate as much support as possible for this event because the MRSL supports our club so much.

They are offering a 50% discount per Mustang per meal in the Bistro, free coffee on arrival and are contributing $600 towards trophies to be judged by the Club manager, Josh Collins.

This is a great venue and if the weather is good bring your cozzies as it is right near the beach.
Ken Buckland and I attended the CMC meeting this month and can pass on that they were very happy with the behaviour of clubs during the on-track parade. We advised them of some issues we had with Mustang drivers receiving their entry cards from other clubs but parking with us, making the MOCA NSW allocated area full.

Next year we will stamp the cards issued by our club so we allow only MOCA members to park with us.

It is a bit misleading on the map issued to clubs where it states "Mustang" parking area instead of "Mustang Club" so a Mustang owner who buys their entry card from, for example the Classic Rally Club, thinks they need to park with us. Naturally they are welcome to socialise with us but we only are allocated spaces for the cards we sell through our club.

Finally Dennis Willson's mother, Joyce, passed away recently and the service in Sutherland was attended by family and friends from the SSCC and the Mustang Club.

Dennis would like to thank everyone for their attendance, kind words and cards during this difficult time.

Enjoy those Mustangs,

David Livian